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NIS Features Rhapsody II in New Spotlight Trailer

Artwork celebrating Rhapsody II & III in Rhapsody: Marl Kingdom Chronicles.

With the release of Prinny Presents NIS Classics Vol. 3, RPG fans were able to relive the cult classic Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure. However, with that nostalgia came a reminder that the game’s sequels never released in the West officially. That is finally changing with Rhapsody: Marl Kingdom Chronicles! NIS America just introduced the first of the two sequels, Rhapsody II: Ballad of the Little Princess, with a brand new spotlight trailer.

The protagonist of Rhapsody II, Kururu, shows how she is just like her mother Cornet in the trailer below:

About Rhapsody II via the game’s Steam page:

Music meets adventure in Rhapsody II: Ballad of the Little Princess! This charming sequel to Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure features the young “Tomboy Princess” Kururu, who follows in the footsteps of her mother Cornet and sets out on her own journey to find her prince.

As the daughter of the Marl Kingdom’s ruler, Kururu dreams of finding her own knight in shining armor like her mother before her. Now twelve years old, she decides to embark on her own journey to find her true love. But Kururu will soon find that the path to happily ever after is not as enchanting as the stories make it seem, and is teeming with dangerous beasts, dark plots, and other unseen obstacles. Can she find the strength of heart to see her journey to its end and learn what true love really means? Complete with more songs, a new turn-based battle system, and a story both new yet familiar, Rhapsody II is ready to make its magical debut in the West and make your heart sing!

Key Features
• Immerse yourself in the musical magic like never before with improved visuals and music, as well as an expanded soundtrack.
• Centered around the journey of the “Tomboy Princess” Kururu, you will experience a robust story filled with charm, humor, and of course, love!
• Features a new turn-based battle system as well as polished, faster-paced gameplay makes combat just as engaging as the story.

Rhapsody: Marl Kingdom Chronicles contains both Rhapsody II: Ballad of the Little Princess and Rhapsody III: Memories of Marl Kingdom. The collection launches for PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC on August 29th in North America, September 1st in Europe, and September 8th in Australia. Stay tuned to RPGFan as we learn more about this classic series’ return to the spotlight!

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