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Narrative Puzzle Game Lil’ Guardsman Coming to PC, Consoles Q3 2023

Screenshot of Lil' Guardsman

Indie shops Hilltop Studios and Versus Evil are releasing point-and-click adventure game Lil’ Guardsman on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X|S, and PC via Steam this year! Check out this colorful title’s announcement trailer below.

Hilltop Studios characterizes Lil’ Guardsman as a narrative deduction game, harkening back to classic point-and-click adventure titles and featuring the comedic sensibility of Monkey Island titles and other 90s LucasArts classics. Adorable protagonist Lil guards her castle and interrogates an array of zany characters trying to get in. She works to discover each visitor’s true intentions and keep the castle safe with the help of dialogue and a toolbox full of items.

Here’s more color on Lil’ Guardsman, courtesy of Steam:

In this deduction adventure, you play as Lil – an unlikely 12-year-old hero – covering your dad’s shift at the guard shed and are tasked with deciding the fate of over 100 unique characters.

You will question humans, elves, goblins, cyclopes, and other fantasy creatures using your powers of deduction to determine who to admit or deny based on how they respond to your questions and your trusty tools. Sending visitors to jail, inadvertently zapping them to smithereens, or letting them go on their merry way are all part of the job. But be careful: who you let through the castle gates will determine the kingdom’s fate.

See the Sprawl and its fantastical & quirky citizens through a royal wedding to one of two kingdoms vying for an alliance, and a subsequent siege by whoever you’ve angered in the process. Your decisions can determine the fate of the city and its people!

Interrogate 100+ fully voiced characters in just the right way to earn a perfect score.

Spend your hard earned gold wisely on powering up your guardsman toolkit, and strategically deploy these to admit or deny the right people or…goblins?

Use your trusty Chronometer3000 to go back and get a higher score… but be careful not to break space and time in the process.

Lil’ Guardsman Screenshots

We don’t know more about Lil’ Guardsman yet, but I’m enticed. Based on the trailer alone, it’s clear that the game is likely to be a hilarious, thought-provoking adventure. Stick with RPGFan for more about Lil’ Guardsman as it emerges!

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