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New Trailer Drops for Wuthering Waves

Artwork from Wuthering Waves, one of several RPGs coming this week. It depicts the Rover standing in front a city of white-bricked buildings, lit lanterns threaded between streets in the distance.

Developer Kuro Game released a stunning new trailer for its free-to-play, open-world action RPG Wuthering Waves. Check it out below!

This trailer’s environments and score give me major NieR: Automata vibes! This sneak peek into Wuthering Waves introduces maps, characters, enemies, and story content that players will soon be able to enjoy in the game’s closed beta test, which will run across PC, iOS, and Android on April 24th.

An apocalyptic event called the “Calament” hit the world more than a century ago. Strange creatures soon followed and sowed destruction and violence across the land. The survivors banded together and are rebuilding their cities while fighting back against the mysterious invaders. You suddenly arrive in the game’s world and are aided — and watched closely — by the survivors as you battle the monsters still terrorizing civilization.

We don’t know a ton more about Wuthering Waves, but Kuro Game stated that it will emphasize freedom and exploration and offer deep, fast-paced gameplay. This game will be free to play on PC and iOS and Android mobile devices.

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Source: Gematsu

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