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Strategy RPG Cross Tails Launches July 20th

Artwork of Cross Tails

The strategy RPG renaissance continues: Cross Tails will arrive on July 20th for PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One & Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam! Check out a teaser trailer for this SRPG below.

The game follows two groups of adorably illustrated animals, the Hundians and Felis, in a world where dogs and cats are at war. Players can experience the campaign from the perspective of a Hundian or Felis and battle furry foes across dozens of 3D maps and using more than 30 classes.

Here’s an overview of Cross Tails courtesy of a summary on Play-Asia:

Cross Tails is a tactical strategy RPG rich in character development that follows a story-driven plot and stage levels depicted in a 3D quarter view. Players will throw themselves into turn-based battles with a wide range of characters each with their own classes.

The Kingdom of Ranverfurt, a country of the Hundians, and the Republic of Hidiq, a nation of the Felles. It has already been a decade since the war started between these two nations as neither side is able to put an end to it. The hatred between the two peoples is so deep as if it was imprinted in their memories…

Game Mechanics
In turn-based battles, players can enjoy highly strategic combat that takes advantage of the varying elevation of the terrain and character orientation. The game also features a high degree of freedom in character development, including class changes, skill trees, and faith selection. Aim for victory by utilizing a total of more than 30 classes, including the heavy knight who serves as a wall in the vanguard and the archer who excels at long-range attacks.

Cross Tails is being developed by Rideon, the studio known for the popular Mercenaries Saga series, and published by Kemco. Western players can grab Cross Tails digitally starting on July 20th, while those in Japan and Asia have the added option of purchasing a physical copy of the game.

Source: Gematsu

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