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Game Freak Working on Mysterious New Action Adventure Title

Screenshot of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet from Game Freak, the studio behind Project Bloom

Pokémon developer Game Freak announced that it’s working with publisher Private Division on an “ambitious” new action-adventure game codenamed “Project Bloom“! We know almost nothing more about Project Bloom, but Private Division shared this evocative piece of concept art for the game:

Concept art of Project Bloom, Game Freak's upcoming title

It’s hard to draw many conclusions from this warrior (samurai?) standing in a forest grove, but it seems likely that Project Bloom won’t be a colorful, monster-collecting RPG. In a press release on the Private Division website, Game Freak Director Kota Furushima seemed to confirm this, describing Project Bloom as an “IP that is bold and tonally different from our prior work” and a “sweeping new action-adventure game.”

Project Bloom is in early development and doesn’t yet have a release date. However, Private Division currently expects to launch the title during fiscal year 2026, which means we should get our hands on this one by early 2027 at the latest.

Game Freak is best known for its acclaimed Pokémon games, but Project Bloom won’t be its first foray away from pocket monsters. Game Freak is behind the Pocket Card Jockey series, Little Town Hero, Tembo the Badass Elephant, and a number of other popular titles.

Source: Kotaku

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