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One Piece Odyssey DLC ‘Reunion of Memories’ Brings Climactic Combat, Adventure on May 25th

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Bandai Namco Entertainment and developer ILCA have announced that the One Piece Odyssey: Reunion of Memories DLC will launch on May 25th. The DLC expands the game’s universe, bringing fan-favorite characters, locales, and combat challenges for players to overcome. Check out the trailer below!

Players will be able to access Reunion of Memories after completing the main storyline of One Piece Odyssey. Its story lies in the Straw Hat Crew once again being whisked into the island of Waford—the original setting of One Piece Odyssey—where they must again contend with familiar fan-favorite faces such as Whitebeard, Erena, Mihawk and Trafalgar Law as they seek to escape once more from memories myriad. A further description of Reunion of Memories lies below, sourced from its official website portal.

The famous pirates are finally resting after their unbelievable adventures on the island of Waford and in Memoria, the world made of their memories.

But as they celebrate their last night together before sailing away, a girl who looks like Lim appears dressed in black clothes with her hood pulled over her face, holding a sinister black cube in hand… But who is she?

The Straw Hat Crew will be forced back into Memoria and transported again to Alabasta, although it seems different from last time, and the cube needed to escape has disappeared!

The world of memories is not the same anymore and Luffy and his friends will have to find a way back, but not before they unravel one final hidden mystery. 

One Piece Odyssey was originally released in January 2023 and follows the exploits of Luffy and the Straw Hat Crew as they find themselves shipwrecked on a mysterious island known as Waford. Memories of their previous adventures roam free with players joining the Straw Hat Crew as they explore both the past and present, uncovering Warford’s mysteries in totality, laced with stylish turn-based combat.

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One Piece Odyssey is available now for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam.

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