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Phantom Blade Zero Announced for PlayStation 5

Phantom Blade Zero Artwork of a samurai gripping his blade in a dark and dreary setting

Stylish Souls-like Phantom Blade Zero made its debut at Sony’s PlayStation Showcase and is on its way to PlayStation 5! We don’t have a release date or many other details on this S-GAME and Cruel Man Studio title, but check out its action-packed reveal trailer below.

Phantom Blade Zero centers on a protagonist who knows he has only 66 days to live and wants to spend that time getting sweet, sweet revenge against “The Order.” That bit and the fact that the game takes place in a feudal Japan-like society are all I’ve been able to surmise about its story so far. Still, my interest is piqued!

Stunningly, Phantom Blade Zero is in development by the studio behind Rainblood: Town of Death, a game Neal reviewed and liked back in 2010. Talk about deep cuts. The founder of S-GAME shared the following on the PlayStation Blog:

This journey began with Rainblood: Town of Death, an indie game I made back in 2010. The development process was a creative outlet for me as an architecture student, first in Beijing and later New Haven.

When I returned to China, I founded my own development studio, S-GAME, and Rainblood grew into a franchise that would later become Phantom Blade. Most of these titles were for smartphones and never released outside of China, but we still managed to build a fan base of over 20 million players.

Now, allow me to introduce Phantom Blade Zero, the spiritual rebirth of the original Rainblood and the game we always wanted to make.

Phantom Blade Zero First Screenshots

What is clear is that Phantom Blade Zero‘s combat is fast-paced and fluid. Ghost of Tsushima vibes much? Stick with RPGFan for more on this promising action RPG — we’ll always bring you the latest!

Source: PlayStation Blog

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