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Chained Echoes Receives New Game Plus in Patch 1.2, Consoles to Follow Soon

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In a Steam post, developer Matthias Lindas announced that Patch 1.2 for Chained Echoes is now live on PC, with a one to two-week wait for the update to arrive on console systems. The update brings a host of improvements and changes to the hit indie RPG, including a New Game + mode for players looking to revisit the world of Valandis. For a detailed synopsis of what Patch 1.2 fully entails, check out below!

v. 1.2

  • Added: New Game + option in the start menu when cleared save file is present
  • Added: New way of obtaining crystals *
  • Added: Crystal gather chains **
  • Added: Option to lower running speed
  • Added: More Stat Boosts and Passive Skills for Kylian for NG+
  • Changed: Removing crystals from equipment yields the proper former crystal ***
  • Changed: Selling equipment auto-removes the crystal
  • Changed: Lowered chance of getting big crystals
  • Changed: Crystals with a purity of 0 can’t drop
  • Changed: Smoother crafting menu navigation
  • Changed: A few enemy stats
  • Changed: Lowered bonus from agility passive and class emblem bonus
  • Changed: Double Steps & Drunken Master don’t stack.
  • Fixed: bug regarding the Shaved Head boss
  • Fixed: other minor bugs and collision errors

* When interacting with a crystal source the player now gets a choice of three crystals for every drop. The player can choose one or none. Choosing none gives the player arc depending on their game’s progress. This gives the player more control over which crystals he wants and which he considers useless for his builds. Also, this makes the inventory less cluttered. This whole system can be turned off in the options.

** If the player chooses a crystal a chain starts. The more crystals of the same property are gathered the more likely they will drop. Choosing a crystal with a different property will restart the chain. Choosing none will continue the chain. This makes hunting for certain crystals a lot easier. When a crystal drop is boosted through a chain it is marked as “Boost”

***This only applies to crystals inserted in version 1.2 or higher.

Chained Echoes puts players as the beating heart of an ensemble crew as they travel the world of Valandis, seeking to put an end to a nascent conflict between three kingdoms. It anchors its aesthetic in the JRPG classics of yore while hewing its design philosophies close to modern convenience, strategy, and challenge in turn-based battles. And, there are magnificent mechs! Always a (new game) plus!

We recognised Chained Echoes as the winner of both Best Indie Game and Sleeper Hit in our 2022 Game of the Year awards and for good reasons. If you’re curious about what some of those reasons could be, feel free to check out our review, penned by Caitlyn Argyros!

Personally, as someone who hasn’t played Chained Echoes (my backlog stretches far and wide) but has heard much about it, it warms my heart that both it and other indie RPGs have reached the hearts of many. It bodes well for others who might try their hand at development, and I look forward to what else Matthias Lindas creates next!

Chained Echoes is available now for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, macOS, and PC via Steam.

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