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Memoria Project Imagines What a Final Fantasy IX Remake Could Be

Final Fantasy IX Memoria Project Screenshot of Black Mage Vivi looking up to the sky

It’s possible you’ve heard of the team behind Memoria Project before now, such as when they released a teaser trailer last year. What started as a team of two Final Fantasy IX fans is now over 50 people strong, as they aim “to reimagine what the legendary game could look like if it was remade with modern graphical capabilities.”

Today, the team released a gameplay demo of their efforts, and the results are stunning. Built in Unreal Engine 5, the not-for-profit Memoria Project proof of concept is exactly what I — and no doubt many FFIX fans — would love to see in this long-rumored remake. Take a look at the trailer:

It is easy to see just how much work is going into this project. From painstakingly recreated environments and character models to a complete UI, voice acting, and updated music, the Memoria Project team spared no expense. Admittedly, again, this is not a for-profit endeavor, which is even more impressive. If you watch the demo video, it’s easy to imagine the full game. Alexandria may be rendered in full 3D now but it still retains the charm and simplicity you’d want for Final Fantasy IX — had the visuals taken on intricately detailed high-res textures, it would still be a sight to behold, but it wouldn’t feel like FFIX. Obviously, none of that is shade at the team, either; I imagine it was harder to create these assets and add detail but keep them clean and retain the right aesthetic. It’s an impressive feat.

Beyond the visuals, you’ll find great, whimsical animations and voice work. The opening sequence of Final Fantasy IX is especially light-hearted, and the actors seem to have had fun recording the dialogue. It’s clear the team put a lot of thought into the UI elements, as well. The command menu is very inspired by both Kingdom Hearts and recent Final Fantasy titles like FFVII Remake, so I could see that being exactly how it would work in such a remake. Dialogue windows feature similar embellishments — slightly ornate with an elegant execution. They fit in both with the world and visual design of Memoria Project better than Final Fantasy IX‘s original “stone block” windows, but more importantly, also feel like what you’d expect based on recent FF titles as well.

I could keep going on and talking about the finer details, but I recommend just giving the video a watch if you haven’t yet. Square Enix, maybe you just need to hire this group of people and have them work on that Final Fantasy IX remake? If this is what they could build on their own free time, imagine what they could do with a budget and official support. Keep an eye on the official Final Fantasy IX: Memoria Project website for updates and the complete list of team members. Who knows, maybe one day, this could be real. In the meantime, it never hurts to dream.

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