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Explore A Nostalgic Farm Sim With Fields of Mistria

Fields of Mistria Screenshot 006

Developer and publisher NPC Studio released a trailer during the 2023 Wholesome Direct showcasing the upcoming farm/life sim Fields of Mistria. The game has a nostalgic pixel-based look with colorful graphics. Tend fields and raise animals, gather resources for crafting, bond with NPCs and potentially find love with one of twelve suitors, explore ancient ruins and uncover their secrets while battling monsters, uncover magic, and see how the changing seasons affect life in the village of Mistria!

The official trailer can be seen here:

You can learn a bit more about the game from the official description:

Get ready to begin a brand-new life in a world that’s brimming with possibilities! 

Mistria, an idyllic village tucked between forest and sea, has offered you an overgrown but full-of-potential homestead in exchange for your assistance. Restore the town to its former glory after an earthquake wreaks havoc and strange magic begins to flow through the land.

Game Features

  • Customize your character and your farm to suit your style!
  • Farm, Fish, Mine & Craft your way to a revitalized town
  • Find your ideal match and start a family with one of 12 marriage candidates
  • Raise adorable animals & breed rare color variants
  • Unlock magic that will aid you during farming & adventuring
  • Enjoy the changing seasons with new quests, festivals, and even villager outfits!
  • Get to know 30+ villagers and follow their stories
  • Battle foes and discover treasures as you explore ancient ruins
  • And so much more!

Fields of Mistria looks absolutely charming and delightful! I adore its eighties’/nineties’ anime-inspired aesthetic, with graphics reminiscent of both farm sims like Stardew Valley and Littlewood, and am looking forward to more information about this title whenever it gets released on PC in 2024. It can already be wishlisted on Steam. Stay tuned to RPGFan for further Fields of Mistria news. Be sure to take a look at the first screenshots below:

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Audra Bowling

Audra Bowling

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