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PQube Reveals RESISTOR, a Colorful Open-World Driving RPG

RESISTOR screenshot of futuristic rocket cars barreling down a desert racetrack

Racing Lagoon fans, rejoice! Twenty-four years after Square Enix’s lesser-known driving RPG graced Japanese PlayStations, PQube and developer Long Way Home are bringing us RESISTOR, a slick driving RPG — or, as it was described during the Future Games Show, a “post-apocalyptic anime-style CarPG.” What we’ve seen in the debut trailer is a bright and vibrant animated world with high-octane racing and hints at a dark plot brewing. Take a look at the announcement trailer:

Fun comparisons to Racing Lagoon aside, the vibe and look of RESISTOR is nothing like Square’s old PlayStation game. For something just announced, I’m impressed at how polished the visuals are already looking, and find myself intrigued by the game’s narrative and world. The cast looks like a fun bunch so far and it’ll be interesting to see who you can recruit for your crew and how they interact.

PQube summarizes the game as “a turbocharged narrative-driven adventure RPG featuring open-world exploration, stunt-infused racing, and explosive vehicular combat! Build up your team and unravel a twisting story as you compete to take down an oppressive mega-corporation and its enigmatic director,” and shares this story outline on the game’s website:

In the year 2060 the world’s governments have long since destroyed one another and in their place stand self-contained city states presided over by a league of powerful corporations. Within the walls of these dense urban metropolises, citizens enjoy a life of comfort and excess, far removed from the harsh realities of the scattered communities that scrape a living in the endless desert wastes of the outside world. 

To remain “competitive but friendly”, the corporations take turns hosting an annual racing tournament for the masses setting the finest teams, and bravest challengers, against one another in a series of exhilarating, high-speed death races. The ultimate prize? A one-way ticket to permanent citizenship, and a better life, inside the cities. 

For Aster, this year’s event, sponsored by Dekker Industries, represents an opportunity to secure the vital healthcare needed to save their ailing mother. But is life beneath the glossy veneer of Ethan Dekker’s corporate utopia truly as idyllic as it seems?

A battle for the podium soon becomes a war to smash the system! Gather your teammates, fire up your plasma-engines, and above all, RESIST.

Of course, it’s far too soon to make any judgments on the final game, but at these game shows, first impressions count. Not all debut trailers make a suitable splash, but RESISTOR certainly caught us off guard in the best of ways, and we’ll be looking forward to learning more.

RESISTOR is coming “soon” to Windows via Steam, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. Take a gander at the first screenshots below before you go!

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