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Star Ocean: The Second Story R Leaked on Square Enix’s Website

Star Ocean: The Second Story R leaked logo

A PlayStation classic could be making a comeback as a new logo for Star Ocean: The Second Story has surfaced on Square Enix’s support website. The banner image of the logo adds an “R” to the title, which potentially means it could be a remaster or a remake of the fan favorite in the Star Ocean series.

Star Ocean: The Second Story is a sci-fi action RPG originally released by tri-Ace and Enix for the PlayStation in 1998. It may be the second installment in the franchise, but it’s the first game to arrive in the west. In 2008, Star Ocean: Second Evolution, a remake of it for the PlayStation Portable, was released. Take a look at screenshots of the PS1 original and the PSP remake below.

Star Ocean: The Second Story PS1 Screenshots

Star Ocean The Second Evolution PSP Screenshots

With the 2019 release of Star Ocean First Departure Rthe remastered version of the first title on PS4 and Nintendo Switch, I’m already seeing that the The Second Story R will likely receive the same treatment from Square Enix if/when it arrives to modern platforms. I could be wrong, and I’d be happily surprised if it ends up being a remake. I’d welcome a revamp of Claude and Rena on the bigger screens with a finer script.

Stay tuned here at RPGFan for updates regarding this news until we hear the official announcement from tri-Ace and Square Enix.

Source: Gematsu

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