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Starfield Blasts Off in Xbox Showcase

Starfield Artwork

After fighting dragons and post-apocalyptic mutated rats, Bethesda is finally bringing us details on their big space title, Starfield. At Xbox’s recent showcase, Director Todd Howard provided an in-depth look into this behemoth of a game. Along with gameplay, many staff members describe what the game means to them and how it all comes together.

Check out the full Starfield Direct in the showcase below:

Starfield is full of over a thousand planets to explore or mine for resources. You can play the game in either first or third person. As a space adventurer, you will join a mysterious organization known as Constellation to uncover the mysteries of the universe. Some places in the galaxy are peaceful, such as the city of New Atlantis, but the more you go into uncharted space, the more danger is right around the corner.

For those who love creating characters, Bethesda has overhauled its character creation system. According to the Direct, the company scanned the faces of a variety of people across different ages and ethnicities to allow for more choices. You choose one of 40 preset designs and then make adjustments from there. Also, the same system is used to create all of the NPCs in the game. You will also choose your character’s background and traits, which can sometimes help (or hinder you) during certain situations.

Gameplay-wise, you’ll still be leveling up like any previous Bethesda game. You receive a skill point as you do so, and it can be used to either rank up or unlock new ones. Each has four ranks and can also be strengthened by performing specific actions. With five skill trees available, there is a lot to learn!

A huge part of the game requires a ship, which you have to purchase in-game. Bethesda says you can upgrade every single aspect of it and adjust it on the inside, giving you room to craft and hire crew members. The amount of customization looks like it will lead to interesting results for creative players!

But be careful; you will need to put up a fight if enemy ships target you. Alternatively, you can either take the diplomatic route and hail the ship or even steal it to make your own.

This is only touching the surface of Starfield. You can develop friendships – even love – with some of your ship companions. You can build outposts on planets. You can craft items and modify weapons to your liking. The game provides the freedom you expect from previous Bethesda titles but with thousands of planets and the vastness of space at your disposal.

Starfield launches for Xbox Series X|S and PC via Steam on September 6th. Stay tuned to RPGFan as this ambitious game finally falls into everyone’s hands!

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