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Yggdra Union Leaves Early Access, Launches on Switch July 27th

Artwork of Yggdra Union: We'll Never Fight Alone, one of several RPGs coming this week

SRPG fans are still eating well in 2023! After releasing on Steam Early Access earlier this year, Sting has announced that their strategy RPG Yggdra Union: We’ll Never Fight Alone will finally be hitting version 1.0 and releasing on Nintendo Switch in the West on July 27th.

Originally released on the Game Boy Advance and then ported to the PlayStation Portable, Yggdra Union was localized by Atlus for Western audiences back when they were still localizing third-party titles. While Sting sort of disappeared for a while after the PSP era, they’re making a bit of a comeback with the Switch!

For those unaware, Sting had actually already ported and released Yggdra Union on the Switch in Japan back in March 2020. The version we’re getting on the Switch will also be getting all of the additional features listed in our previous coverage of the game’s Steam Early Access release as well as the Steam store page (aside from the mouse and keyboard support, obviously).

Here’s an overview of Yggdra Union‘s story via Nintendo’s new store page:


The Kingdom of Fantasinia is ruled by a royal family that inherited the blood of the gods who built up a stable era. However, the Kingdom of Fantasinia fell under the attack of the Empire of Bronquia.

Meanwhile, Yggdra, a lone girl who escaped with her kingdom’s last hope in hand, heads to the remotest land on the southern tip of the continent. She arrives and meets a boy, the king of thieves, Milanor.

The battle to liberate Yggdra’s homeland begins with that encounter…

For additional information, there is also the Yggdra Union official website to peruse (though it’s in Japanese)!

I’m personally super excited about Yggdra Union coming to Switch in English, as it sets up Sting to start releasing the rest of the Dept. Heaven games they ported to Switch in English as well! Knights in the Nightmare already has an English localization, so that would probably be the next in line—hopefully in the same manner as Yggdra Union with an initial Early Access release and then the full version with the Switch port!

Gloria Union and Blaze Union are both spin-offs of Yggdra Union and were Japanese only, but also got recent Switch ports. Here’s hoping they can finally make it out in English eventually!

With the recent announcement of a Riviera: The Promised Land remaster (which will also hopefully come out in English), things are really looking up for ol’ Sting!

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