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Larian Studios Posts New Baldur’s Gate III Trailer, Details

A dark scene with gnarled tree branches and an eerie green orb in the night sky from Baldur's Gate III.

Larian Studios released a new trailer, screenshots, and details on Baldur’s Gate III during its “Panel from Hell: Release Showcase,” the final live update show before the game’s August 3rd release! Check out the new release teaser below.

It’s clear from this preview that Baldur’s Gate III will offer some spicy romance options, to say the least. Larian had more to say on romance during the panel, with leader writer Adam Smith asking the audience, “Have you ever considered the joys and pleasures of sexual congress with a wildshaped Druid?” Smith added, “Because at Larian, we have, and ultimately landed on the side of giving the people what they want: tender, consensual romance with a man temporarily transformed into a grizzly bear.”

Oh my. During the panel, Larian also teased some of the game’s premade characters that players can choose to begin their journeys with (called “Origins”). These Origins include at least one who’s actually completely customizable—the Dark Urge. This malevolent being begins its journey in Baldur’s Gate III with a crippling case of amnesia but one insatiable, irresistible urge: to murder brutally and indiscriminately.

“Driven to commit some of the most lurid acts of violence that you’ll encounter in the game, to play as the Dark Urge means to either indulge your most depraved impulses or attempt to resist them,” Larian said. I’m not sure I’ll opt for the Dark Urge on my first playthrough, but I bet many players will appreciate the option to!

Screenshot of Baldur's Gate III

Larian also previewed more of the game’s robust character customization options, promising that the character creator “provides a lot of room for expression.” Beginning at launch, players can tweak everything from their protagonist’s age, body type, tattoos, and lip makeup to their horn colors, freckles, heterochromia (when a person has differently colored eyes or eyes that have more than one color), and more.

In case all this new information isn’t enough to fuel the hype train, Larian revealed Baldur’s Gate III‘s third and final central antagonist during the panel: Orin the Red (voiced by Maggie Robertson, who you may recognize as the voice actress behind Resident Evil Village‘s famed Lady Dimitrescu). Continuing its theme of . . . murder, Larian described Orin as a “shapeshifting murderess with the goal of painting the city of Baldur’s Gate in blood.”

Last but not least, Larian gifted us with a batch of new screenshots to hold us over until Baldur’s Gate III releases in full next month. Enjoy!

Source: Gematsu

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