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New Persona 5 Tactica Trailers Introduce Ann, Ryuji

Persona 5 Tactica screenshot

Developer Atlus has released new details of Persona 5 Tactica‘s story, combat, and trailers for the Phantom Thieves. Learn more about the new Metaverse (called The Kingdoms) and watch the character previews of Ann Takamaki and Ryuji Sakamoto below.

Ann Takamaki Trailer

A stunningly beautiful girl who is one-quarter American,” reads Ann’s official character description. “She was once isolated from her peers because of her looks. When her best friend and sole confidant was in a bind, Ann sacrificed herself to protect her. After spending some time with Joker and the others, she resolves to take a stand against corrupt adults, thus awakening as a Persona-user and joining the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. She possesses a remarkable strength of will that allows her to defy evildoers, as well as the compassion to help those in distress. Having lived abroad, she excels in English, but struggles just as much as Ryuji in other subjects. Her Persona is Carmen.

Translations by Gematsu

Ryuji Sakamoto Trailer

A boy who became a notorious troublemaker after physical education teachers purposely failed him,” reads Ryuji Sakamoto’s character description from the official Japanese website. “He awakened his Persona when he wandered into the strange realm with the main character. He became friends with the main character, who sympathized with him through his own similar circumstances, and together they founded the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, fighting against adults with desires. He’s quick to put up his fists, but is also filled with compassion. When he sees a friend in need or someone who is oppressed, he and his sense of justice and bravery is willing to stand up to any opponent. His Persona is Captain Kid.

Translations by Gematsu

Persona 5 Tactica Screenshots

Previously, we shared information regarding the tactics-like battle system and the mysteries of The Kingdom. The story is about Marie, a tyrant who has brainwashed every member of the Phantom Thieves except Joker and Morgana.

Persona 5 Tactica is a new strategy RPG spin-off from Persona 5. It launches this year on November 17th for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam and Xbox Game Pass.

Source: Gematsu

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