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Content-Filled Update Available Now for Edge of Eternity

The player engaging monsters in a field in Edge of Eternity.

Midgar Studio and Dear Villagers have released a fresh update for Edge of Eternity featuring a brand-new prologue, a 50-floor dungeon, and more! PC players can download this “New Beginning” update now, while PlayStation 4 & 5 and Xbox One & Series X|S players will get their hands on it by the end of summer, along with all other updates previously released for PC.

Edge of Eternity players can explore the new dungeon, the Lighthouse, once they reach Chapter II. Treasure, fierce enemies, and boss battles await players in the 50-floor tower! But be on guard: if your team is defeated in the tower, you’ll need to restart your ascent from the last checkpoint boss you felled, or the first floor.

Possibly in response to player feedback, Midgar Studio promises that the new prologue is far more player-friendly than the old one, Chapter 0: “Whether in terms of design, pacing, storytelling, animations, or its ‘WTF’ feel, the old prologue—Chapter 0—didn’t reflect a fair image of the open-world experience we offer in Edge of Eternity.” The development team decided to “completely revamp the beginning of your adventure.” The prologue drama sequence is now “chopped up, broken down and divided into three distinct sequences in the form of nightmarish dreams.”

New Beginning also brings shorter travel times for several objectives that comprise the main quest during Chapters I and II. Midgar Studio explained that “pointless roundtrips” have been eliminated in the Herelsor Plain and the Solna Plain to give players a more comfortable experience as they await their mount.

There’s no word on whether the New Beginning update will arrive on Nintendo Switch, but it’s safe to assume that Switch players will enjoy this new content at some point, too. When this update hits consoles, it’ll bring all other updates previously released for the PC version with it, including Auto Battle Mode, Weather Stones, an additional accessory slot, and New Game+ mode!

Though I haven’t played Edge of Eternity, RPGFan’s Audra Bowling did, and her review makes me wonder why I haven’t given this one a shot yet! She got a kick out of the story, tactically minded battle system, and stunning soundtrack and visuals, but the slow pacing and lengthy load times didn’t wow her.

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