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Square Enix Showcases New Infinity Strash: Dragon Quest Combat, Character Info

Screenshot of Infinity Strash: Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai

Square Enix and developers Game Studio and KAI GRAPHICS have released new details on Infinity Strash: Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai‘s four playable characters and their combat styles.

The upcoming action RPG is an adaption of both the 2020-released anime series Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai and the preceding manga of the same name that was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump from 1989 to 1996.

Infinity Strash: Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai focuses on a young boy named Dai as he travels from monster-laden isolation into the wider world to become a Hero. Throughout his adventures, he will join an adventuring group known as the Disciples of Avan headed by a former legendary Hero. While in their ranks, he will contend against threats innumerable alongside playable companions Popp, Maam, and Hyunckel, who will each offer different strengths within combat.

Check out a detailed synopsis of the Disciples’ combat abilities below!

Infinity Strash: Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai Overview

Today, SQUARE ENIX revealed more details and assets highlighting the various battle styles of the playable characters – Dai,  Popp, Maam, and Hyunckel – in the upcoming action role-playing game, Infinity Strash: DRAGON QUEST The Adventure of Dai!

In Infinity Strash: DRAGON QUEST The Adventure of Dai, embark on a thrilling quest battling the Dark Army and their myriad monsters as Dai and his friends, utilizing each character’s unique set of attacks, guarding and dodging abilities against the enemy, as well as iconic Skills and Spells from the “DRAGON QUEST: The Adventure of Dai” anime series.

The Disciples of Avan – Dai, Popp, Maam, and Hyunckel – each have a number of unique Attacks, Skills and Coups de Grâce abilities players will soon be able to master.

Infinity Strash: DRAGON QUEST The Adventure of Dai Character Battle Styles, Attacks and Skills include:


Dai’s Battle Style: As Dai, cut down enemies in close combat using knifes and swords.

  • Unique Skill: Be sure to use his Unique Skill “Draconic Aura” to greatly increase all his stats.
  • Special Skill & Coups de Grâce:  Dai is also a master of the Avan Style Sword Technique, using his powerful Skill “Wave Slash” and Coups de Grâce “Avan Strash” to defeat enemies.


Popp’s Battle Style: As Popp, excel in defeating enemies with ranged Magic Attacks.

  • Unique Skill: His Unique Skill “Meditation” shortens the recovery time between each of his Skills.
  • Special Skill & Coups de Grâce: Deal immensely powerful damage to enemies while utilizing his Ice Skill “Crackle” and Fire Coups de Grâce “Kafrizz”.


Maam’s Warrior Priest Battle Style: As Maam, attack using her hammer spear and support your allies with her Magic Bullet Gun.

  • Unique Skill: Remember to “Reload” the gun during battle!
  • Special Skill & Coups de Grâce: Maam is skilled at Heal Spells such as “Midheal”. With her Coup de Grâce “Magic Bullet: Crackle”, she shoots enemies with bullets infused with the magic of Crackle!


Hyunckel’s Dark Armour Blade Battle Style: As Hyunckel, crush enemies with his Avan Style Sword Technique and Dark Aura Skills.

  • Unique Skill: His Unique Skill “Amdo” increases his defense further by wearing the Dark Armour Blade.
  • Special Skill & Coups de Grâce: His Coup de Grâce “Bloody Scryde” that he developed during his days in the Dark Army deals massive damage to enemies!

Maam and Hyunckel will upgrade their Battle Styles during key moments in Infinity Strash: Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai. These upgrades bring players a greater suite of abilities for the player to mix and match within the game’s combat. Both Battle Style upgrades are detailed below:

Maam (Battle Style Upgrade)

Maam’s Martial Artist Battle Style: After learning the ways of “Warrior Master Style”, Maam overpowers enemies with her agility and close combat that are unrivalled in strength.

  • Unique Skill: Use her Skill “Focus” to shorten the recovery time between Skills to help land consecutive attacks!
  • Special Skill & Coups de Grâce: Launch a flurry of Normal Attacks and Skills such as “Warrior Master’s Fury”, and finish them off with her Coup de Grâce “Refractor Fist”!

Hyunckel (Battle Style Upgrade)

Hyunckel’s Dark Armour Spear Battle Style: After changing his weapon to a spear, Hyunckel is just as strong as he was with his sword!

  • Unique Skill: Of course, he can still use his Skill “Amdo”, but he can also eliminate enemies with ease using Avan Style Spear techniques.
  • Special Skill & Coups de Grâce: His Coup de Grâce “Grand Cross” is also a powerful ability where he converts his increased life energy into Aura and unleashes it!

Infinity Strash: Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai is set to release worldwide on September 28th for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam. For more information, feel free to check out its official website!

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