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Baldur’s Gate III Patch 1.0 Adds Over 1,000 Fixes

Screenshot of a dragonborn from Baldur's Gate III

Are you having a good time with Baldur’s Gate III? Would you have a better time if random objects weren’t floating around occasionally? Larian Studios just put out a sprawling patch that fixes that and over 1,000 other bugs.

There’s an extensive patch overview on the Baldur’s Gate III website detailing everything from UI changes to retooled cutscene behavior to corrected modesty filters on dragonborns. What are dragonborns? There’s one in the image above.

Here’s a list of the game-breaking bugs Larian fixed.


  • The Emperor will no longer leave you stranded in the Morphic Pool.
  • Starting to use the boat to go to the Morphic Pool, sending that character to camp, and then using another character to make the journey will no longer block you from progressing.
  • Fixed a bug where listening in on a conversation as Player 1 and then exiting the dialogue prematurely could result in not being able to interact with anything anymore.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Reaction UI to not work correctly and potentially block progress in combat if you save the game in the middle of a reaction.
  • Fixed loot in corpses sometimes not appearing in multiplayer until an item is dragged onto the corpse.
  • Fixed a bug causing you to get a Game Over screen after helping Downed party members. 
  • Fixed the Helm of Arcane Acuity crashing the game. The condition is now capped to 7 stacks.
  • Attacking an NPC during a dialogue after being Downed will now get you arrested rather than giving you a Game Over screen.
  • Fixed an issue where characters could get stuck in an infinite falling loop.
  • Fixed an issue with Marcus being resurrected by players hitting him with a dual-wield attack – the second hit will no longer revive him.

Larian says the second major patch is coming soon, and it’ll come with “significant performance improvements.” Never a bad thing, as far as I’m concerned.

In case you missed it, some of our staffers talked about Baldur’s Gate III on the latest episode of Random Encounter.

Stay tuned to RPGFan for more Baldur’s Gate III news!

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