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RPGs Coming This Week, 9/3/23

Artwork of Starfield, one of several RPGs coming this week

On this edition of RPGs Coming This Week: the biggest Xbox game of 2023, easily. We certainly will discuss that game, but I contend that the release schedule of the next few days is incredibly solid. Every one of these upcoming games deserves time in the spotlight, and we’re more than happy to give them that shine. Let’s hop to it!

Rune Factory 3 Special – September 5th (Switch)

Screenshot of Rune Factory 3 Special, one of several RPGs coming this week

The Rune Factory 3 Special typeface is so slick. That was my first thought when XSEED started putting out English screens some months back, and I’m still not over it. I think this is the first time they’ve ever used this font, but I can’t say for sure. Maybe someone can let me know otherwise (and what the font name is).

Rune Factory 3 Special is an HD remaster of the Nintendo DS original, and it looks like a pretty faithful touch-up in terms of aesthetics and features. The big draw here is probably the 11 potential romance options—the most in the series—though It’s a shame they’re all heterosexual.

XSEED’s been treating Rune Factory fans well as of late. We got Rune Factory 4 Special and Rune Factory 5 in relatively quick succession, and there’s still Rune Factory 6 and Project Dragon to look forward to. There’s never been a better time to get into this hybrid action RPG/life sim series.

by Gio Castillo

Starfield – September 6th (XSX, Windows)

Screenshot of Starfield, one of several RPGs coming this week

Don’t call it a comeback. Starfield is finally coming this week, and it looks like it’s made good on the lofty promise of Skyrim in space. There’s nothing I can say here that Noah Leiter’s first-rate review doesn’t express better (seriously, it’s excellent). I will reiterate, however, that Bethesda seems to have largely avoided releasing a buggy mess this time around, and that’s worth celebrating.

I will also say that, for the first time since the 360 days, there’s finally a new Xbox exclusive interesting enough for me to consider buying a console. Here’s hoping that Starfield actually marks the beginning of a new era for first-party Xbox releases.

by Gio Castillo

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis – September 7th (iOS, Android)

Screenshot of Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, one of several RPGs coming this week

Oh, yeah, a full-on remake of Final Fantasy VII is just casually coming this week. Not Final Fantasy VII Remake, of course, but Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is arguably even more ambitious. It’s a retelling of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, an extended universe that includes titles like Crisis Core and Dirge of Cerberus. Ever Crisis hews close to the original game with the chibi character models and a slightly retooled but still familiar Active Time Battle system.

Addressing the elephant in the room, Ever Crisis is a mobile-exclusive title with gacha elements. Its business model is to sell you lootboxes, and, so far, it’s only going to be available on iOS and Android. However! Our own Alvin Lim shared (via a fantastic impressions piece) that those lootboxes are only going to contain cosmetics and weapons, so there’s hope that this won’t devolve into a pay-to-win thing. Still, if you’re wary of microtransactions or dislike playing on your phone or tablet, Ever Crisis will simply be a non-starter.

by Gio Castillo

Anonymous;Code – September 8th (PS4, Switch, Windows)

Screenshot of Anonymous;Code, one of several RPGs coming this week

Non-Japanese speaking fans can finally get their hands on Anonymous;Code this week. It’s the latest entry in the Science Adventure Series, a line of visual novels you can always tell apart because they each have a semicolon in their name. They also all tend to be riveting sci-fi stories full of twists and turns, and I believe Anonymous;Code continues that streak.

Notably, Anonymous;Code is the first SAS game to have an English dub. Localization Producer Yu Namba told Gematsu that this title is Spike Chunsoft’s bid to expand the series’ fanbase, and they’re not taking half-measures. In keeping with that goal, the game is apparently designed to work as a standalone experience, so it doesn’t require any prior knowledge of the older games.

by Gio Castillo

Fae Farm – September 8th (Switch, Windows)

Screenshot of Fae Farm, one of several RPGs coming this week

If you’re looking for a new farming simulation game with multiplayer features, realm exploration, and enchanting magic to utilize on your side, look no further. Fae Farm is coming this week on September 8th for the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.

Fae Farm drew my attention not only for its appealing visuals but also because I wanted to learn more about how magic influences the setting and how it applies outside of combat, like in cultivating crops, raising animals, or designing your home. While the gameplay may not be particularly new, cozy games are always welcome in my library. Sometimes, we need is a good breather after investing hundreds of hours in dark, narrative-heavy RPGs.

by Tin Manuel

Also Coming This Week

Monochrome Mobius: Rights and Wrongs Forgotten – September 5th (PS5, PS4)

Monochrome Mobius: Rights and Wrongs Forgotten, a turn-based RPG spinoff of the Utawarerumono games, is coming this week to PS5 and PS4. It’s starting to gain a reputation as a hidden gem in some circles, and, based on Kiyan Mullen’s excellent preview of it, I can see why. Critically, you don’t seem to need any knowledge of Utawarerumono to understand things, though I assume Monochrome Mobius is a more rewarding experience for the lore-familiar.

by Gio Castillo

Baldur’s Gate III – September 6th (PS5)

The official line is that Baldur’s Gate III was delayed on PS5 because it needed more development time to consistently hit 60 fps. While probably true, I think we all know the actual reason is that Sony wants something big on the same day as Starfield, and, well, props for the shrewd business move. BG3‘s been moving units on PC since release, and I expect the same to happen on PS5.

by Gio Castillo

Dokapon Kingdom: Connect – September 7th (Windows)

If you’re a PC player looking to speedrun the end of a friendship, look no further than Dokapon Kingdom: Connect. This is a remaster of a PS2 game that blends RPG gameplay with a board game setup. This remaster of a PS2 game is rather infamous for bringing out the worst in people, and I mean that in the best way. I, for one, to let my duplicitous side run wild.

by Gio Castillo

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