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Eastward: Octopia New Farming DLC Arriving Winter 2023

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Two years after the release of the base game, developer Pixpil and publisher Chucklefish have announced Eastward: Octopia, a farming simulation DLC scheduled to release sometime this winter for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. 

Following Sam and John’s post-apocalyptic adventure in EastwardOctopia seems like a breath of fresh air. It will occur in a parallel universe to the main game. Much like other farm sim games, it will also feature cooking, fishing, relationship building and animal raising systems. There will be random events to trigger. According to the developers, the expansion will take 15 to 20 hours to complete. Check out the overview below to know what to expect from this charming pixel title.

Eastward: Octopia Overview

Next Stop… Octopia!

Sam and John return in an all-new adventure! In this heartwarming story-driven farming sim, players can grow crops, tend livestock, and turn an abandoned fairground into a thriving village, with the help of the weird and wonderful cast of beloved Eastward characters.

A New Life Begins

In a parallel universe where time and space have collided, Sam and John move to a peaceful corner of the globe, to start a new way of life. In Octopia they decide to spend all of their savings on a rundown farm cottage, desperately in need of some TLC.

Life On The Farm

Life above ground has never been so sunny… and windy… and rainy! Help Sam and John repair and revitalise an old neglected farmland. Here you’ll be able to do all the normal farm stuff; grow crops, talk to ghosts, rear animals and spend your nights casting your line in the local fishing holes.

John’s Cookbook

Unleash your culinary creativity using fresh farmed ingredients to whip up scrumptious new meals. All your mouth watering creations are stored in John’s Big Cookbook, featuring a vast array of new ingredients just waiting to be explored. Feed Sam and your new neighbours with these delightful dishes and embark on a flavorful journey together in Octopia.

Revitalise The Town

Develop an abandoned theme park into a thriving community, constructing and upgrading homes and shops. As Octopia begins to flourish, more familiar faces will flock to the area – some might even decide to stay for good! In turn your new neighbours will improve everyday life on the farm with helpful new items and technology.

Familiar Strangers

It’s time to get to know your neighbours – again! Break bread with friends old and new in peaceful pixel surroundings. In Octopia there’s no miasma, no hardships, just happy times together sharing delicious culinary delights and working hard towards a common goal. Foodies will visit from afar, and travellers who want a jaunt in the countryside.

But even in these quiet lands, there are secrets still waiting to be discovered…

For new and old players alike – “Eastward: Octopia” is accessible straight from Eastward’s start menu, so you can start living the good life straight away.

Eastward: Octopia Screenshots

Eastward is available on Switch, Xbox One, and PC and macOS via Steam. Our Switch review by Izzy Parsons gave praises overall for its art, music, and puzzle gameplay.

Eastward: Octopia launches first on Switch and Steam this coming holiday. Stay tuned to RPGFan for all the indie titles to look out for!

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