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Tactics RPG Wartales Available Now on Nintendo Switch

A screenshot of Wartales depicting an isometric view of a campsite shrouded in fog with people huddled around a campfire.

Shiro Unlimited has announced the digital release of its low-fantasy RPG Wartales on Nintendo Switch. The game was previously only available on PC via Steam. The announcement came via the latest Nintendo Direct accompanied by a short trailer showcasing a bite-sized look at what players might expect. Check it out below!

Wartales – Nintendo Direct 9.14.2023

Wartales was originally in Early Access on Steam from December 2021 to April 2023. The Nintendo Switch version includes both its single-player campaign and multiplayer, giving up to four players the opportunity to work together as mercenaries within hostile lands. Crossplay has been announced, though no firm release date has been given for its inclusion.

Wartales is about a band of four war-weary mercenaries and their steed who must make their way through the lands of a fallen empire ravaged by the plague. Players will explore different biomes through sandbox-style exploration where every direction promises something of interest, even as injuries and starvation remain a constant threat. Whether that be brutal turn-based combat against myriad enemies, excavating decrepit dungeons, or influencing the politics inherent to settlements of a forlorn people, Wartales seems intent on providing a specific fantasy and role to interested players.

Shiro Games seems intent on releasing and updating their title for the foreseeable future, with a roadmap leading through to the end of 2023 promising new items, difficulty modes, enemies, and more. For a further look at what they have planned, feel free to check out their official website.

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