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Vanillaware Reveals New Unicorn Overlord Details, 8 Minutes of Gameplay

Unicorn Overlord Screenshot

Publisher Atlus and developer Vanillaware have released a fresh batch of Unicorn Overlord screenshots showcasing new information regarding the characters, nation, world, and gameplay. The tactical fantasy RPG will launch on March 8th, 2024, for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. 

Here are eight minutes of gameplay footage courtesy of Famitsu, revealing some of the playable characters and battles in action:

In Unicorn Overlord, the five nations of Fevrith under the Zenoiran Empire are Cornea, Drakenhold, Elheim, Bastorias, and Albion. Mountains, deserts, farms, woods, and snowy areas are features that define these regions. While players explore the overworld, there will be various quests and events to encounter.

Character Allies

As you traverse the lands of Fevrith, you meet new allies, encounter battles, rebuild towns, and lead an army with over 60 potential characters to recruit. Get to know six of the characters in the details below.

  • Chloe
Unicorn Overlord Artwork Chloe

Daughter of a friend of Josef. When she joined the Liberation Army, she became Josef’s apprentice and studied martial arts and academics. While she maintains a courteous attitude toward Alain as her prince, she also counts herself as one of his good friends.

  • Clive
Unicorn Overlord Artwork Clive

A member of the knights of the old kingdom of Cornia. Knighted early in his career, he has been praised for his intelligence and bravery since he was a squire. He has used his talents to lay the groundwork for the Liberation Army as Josef’s right-hand man.

  • Hodrick
Unicorn Overlord Artwork Hodrick

Former knight of Cornia. Trusted by Queen Ilenia, he served as her personal guard. During the rebellion, he fought alongside Ilenia, but ultimately he was defeated and captured by Valmore.

  • Melisandre
Unicorn Overlord Artwork Melisandre

The head of House Meillet, a distinguished Cornian clan. Losing her parents and older brother to illness early in life, she was raised and trained by her aunt and uncle as the heir to the Meillet family.

  • Travis 
Unicorn Overlord Artwork Travis

A spy who works for the Cornian Liberation Army. He’s been in this clandestine line of work for years, but when the Liberation Army is formed, he joins the combat troops under Alain’s command.

  • Yahna
Unicorn Overlord Artwork Yahna

A young witch living in the swamps of the Witches’ village. When the Zenoiran army raids the village and begins to take the witches into captivity, she successfully escapes via a spell of feline transmutation.

Unicorn Overlord Screenshots

Source: Gematsu

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