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Painterly Action RPG No Rest For The Wicked to Enter Early Access in 2024

A screenshot of No Rest for the Wicked depicting a wounded woman clad in plate armour facing forward. Her arms are held to her sides by gauntleted hands, and the expression on her face is of tight-lipped rage, blood flecking the left corner of her jaw.

Moon Studios and publisher Private Division have revealed the existence of No Rest for the Wicked, an isometric action RPG that renders battles and landscapes with painterly beauty. Revealed at the Game Awards 2023, the game will have an Early Access launch for PC via Steam in the first quarter of 2024 with a full launch on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S expected later on. Check out its reveal trailer below!

No Rest for the Wicked Trailer

No Rest for the Wicked‘s art style takes a hand-crafted direction reminiscent of paintings and impressively maintains that fluidity and style in real-time gameplay. Players will explore the island of Isola Sacra as a member of a holy order of warriors known as Cerim, which aims to vanquish a near-unending plague known as the Pestilence from the island by any means necessary. As part of that pursuit, political chaos is rife in Sacra, with the sudden passing of King Harol leaving his kingdom vulnerable to the Pestilence and those who would use its presence to rule over the island in totality.

Moon Studios promises that No Rest for the Wicked will see players exploring the depths of crypts, treacherous mountain passes, and verdant forests, with an emphasis on verticality within its environments. Each location will house complex characters with problems to solve, treasures, creatures, and mysteries. Combat within the game will be animation-driven and direct, “…allowing skilled players to combine visceral strikes and deadly moves…” that utilise timing and skill and encourage thoughtful play from players.

No Rest for the Wicked Screenshots

No Rest for the Wicked will also feature online multiplayer for up to four total players in its online campaign co-op mode. Players have the option to work together to complete every facet of the game together or strike out on their own.

Moon Studios has confirmed that further information on No Rest for the Wicked will be revealed at the Wicked Inside digital showcase airing on March 1st, 2024. For further information on the game, check out its official Steam page!

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