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New Metaphor: ReFantazio Details Cover Allies, Foes in Euchronia

Metaphor: ReFantazio Screenshot

Following a video interview with the leads behind Metaphor: ReFantazio, publisher Atlus and developer Studio Zero have shared more details and visuals regarding the main characters and their Japanese VOs, the eight tribes of Euchronia, and even a few conceptual snippets of enemies. There’s a lot to go over, so let’s get started!

New Metaphor: ReFantazio Information

Protagonist (Natsuki Hanae)

Metaphor: ReFantazio Protagonist

Together with the fairy, Gallica, he embarks on a journey to lift the deadly curse placed on his childhood friend, the prince of Euchronia.

He is a boy of the elda tribe, branded a “tainted” people by the state religion who believe the elda have inherited dangerous and heretical magic. Being so rare among the populous, they are detested and discriminated against throughout the kingdom.


Gallica (Sumire Morohoshi)

Metaphor: ReFantazio Gallica

Not only a traveling companion, Gallica is the guide who helps the protagonist carry out his mission to save the prince. Although she is too small to participate in battles, her knowledge of magic and ability to sense magla is superior to the protagonist due to her fairy nature. She doesn’t mince words, but she is a reassuring ally on his journey.

Strohl (Kensho Ono)

Metaphor: ReFantazio Strohl

He is a young man of the clemar tribe who meets the protagonist in the recruitment centre for the State Army.

A smart young man with a strong sense of justice, he hails from a noble family. And yet, it seems his circumstances are complicated, as it is rare for a noble to enlist in the army alongside commoners.

Hulkenberg (Saori Hayami)

Metaphor: ReFantazio Hulkenberg

A knight of the roussainte tribe and former member of the royal family’s Kingsguard who served by the prince’s side.

Despite her young age, she excelled in the use of various weaponry, and was assigned to the personal guard of the prince. But when the prince was attacked, she failed to protect him and set out to wander, carrying the stigma of this failure in her heart.

Heismay (Akio Otsuka)

Metaphor: ReFantazio Heismay

A former knight of the eugief tribe. He has acute perception compared to most others, due in part to the eugief trait of being sensitive to sound. With an appearance that differs greatly from other tribes, it’s not uncommon for eugiefs to be discriminated against—and it seems Heismay is no exception, his past his own burden to bear.

The Eight Tribes

The United Kingdom of Euchronia is populated with eight unique personalities and cultures that are referred to in the game as “tribes” rather than races. The characteristics of each tribe are summarized below.

  • Clemar – The clemar tribe composes the largest population across the allied kingdoms. Their most distinctive features are the horns which grow on both sides of their head.
  • Roussainte – One of the most poppulous tribes of the united kingdom, second only to the clemar. Long, pointed ears are their most distinguish feature. They often boast excellent physiques.
  • Rhoag – A tribe whose members have longer lifespans, some living more than twice as long as the average of other tribes. Perhaps as a result, the rhoag tribe conjures images of the elderly in many minds.
  • Ishkia – A tribe recognizable by their avian wings, as well as their almond eyes and long eyelashes.
  • Nidia – Characterized by their iridescent eyes and hair, members lack the conspicuously notable features of other tribes. They are known to be gregarious and talented at flattery.
  • Paripus – A tribe recognizeable by bestial ears and a tail. They are physically adept and often honest with their emotions, giving them a reputation for hedonism, for better or for worse.
  • Eugief – A tribe characterized by their bat-like wings and ears. Due to their difference in appearance and abilities compared to the humanoid tribes, they are often seen as creepy and discriminated against.
  • Mustari – A tribe recognizable by a third eye. They don masks and wear culturally-significant attire, which many among the other tribes find unsettling. They are hard to come by, as most live in an archipelago in the inland sea.

The Humans (Monsters)

In Metaphor: ReFantazio, humans are described as unknown ferocious creatures who rampage like beasts. The concept is based on Hieronymus Bosch, a fantasy Dutch/Netherlandish painter from the Renaissance era who first drew monsters on a world stage. The Homo Gorleo and Homo Avades bosses that appear in the game are references to Bosch’s famous painting, The Garden of Earthly Delights. Try and spot them below!

Hieronymus Bosch, The Garden of Earthly Delights Painting
The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch

Metaphor: ReFantazio Screenshots

Here’s a bonus gorgeous art of Metaphor: ReFantazio from Atlus that’s gracing this week’s cover of Weekly Famitsu Issue no. 1829!

Metaphor: ReFantazio launches for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC via the Microsoft Store and Steam in fall 2024. 

These updates from Atlus just keep delivering. I’m hyped as hell, and I’m sure not the only one, so stay tuned here at RPGFan as we continue to bring future scoops on Metaphor: ReFantazio!

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