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Kickstarter for Chinese RPG The Bustling World Fizzles

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Developer FireWo Games has scrapped a Kickstarter campaign for The Bustling World, an open-world action RPG set in ancient China. The campaign ended on January 3rd, days after it launched on December 29th.

FireWo said on Twitter/X that it canceled the Kickstarter to accommodate feedback regarding backer rewards and additional content. The studio added that it plans to announce a new campaign when it has “more appealing rewards to offer.”

We need to share some important information about this crowdfunding campaign. Over the past few years, we’ve been dedicated to the development of our game. This is our first time launching a crowdfunding campaign, and we’re feeling a mix of nerves and excitement. Since the campaign started, we’ve received a wealth of suggestions and feedback. This has made us realize that there were parts where we could have been better prepared. There’s a lot we can improve and new rewards and content we’d like to add, such as a physical edition and support for more platforms. However, due to the basic structure of the campaign, we’re unable to make major changes at this time.

FireWo floated the potential for a physical release and support for more platforms. It also announced that it would provide a free Steam key to every backer who had pledged at least $16 USD for the campaign.

The Bustling World on Steam provides the following synopsis:

In ancient China, you can live a peaceful life: work, do business, have a family and make a career… You can satisfy your greedy: gamble, rob, steal, kill and form gangs… You can embark on a courageous journey, explore, adventure, solve puzzles, suppress bandits and recruit heroes… You can reach the pinnacle of power, establish a regime, plan cities, make policies, develop diplomacy and enlarge your territory…

The Bustling World is an open-world RPG game set in ancient China. You can farm, breed, craft, build, fight, kill, establish a regime, run a country, conduct diplomacy, wage war, create a city… Openness, freedom and limitless are the most important features of the game.

You can find the launch trailer here:

In a gaming market where open worlds rule and players love choice and freedom, The Bustling World appears to have it all. You can farm, sell goods, steal things in the dead of the night, and even establish your own regime! Further reading on the Kickstarter page reveals that the developer, a married couple based in China, believes the game is “60% complete” and that they have a golden retriever named “Mao Mao”! I mean, what isn’t to love?

The Bustling World has a presence on YouTube, Facebook, Discord, and Twitter, and the developers promise that any and all updates on their next campaign will be posted on these sites first.

We may not be sure when this game will release, but stay tuned to RPGFan for all the ones we do have dates for (and even those that we don’t)!

Source: Gematsu

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