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Cult of the Lamb Gets Largest Update Yet, Out January 16th

Cult of the Lamb Sins of the Flesh artwork

Great news, fellow cultists! Indie developer Massive Monster and publisher Devolver Digital have locked in January 16th for the release of “Sins of the Flesh”, a huge update to Cult of the Lamb that introduces mating tents, drum circles, a drinkhouse, new rituals, and more quality-of-life improvements. Like the previous update, players can hold onto their wallets as it will be free of charge.

Check out the trailer below and see all the changes you could apply to your cult!

Cult of the Lamb “Sins of the Flesh” Key Features

Sins and Disciples 

New progression systems add more depth and complexity to managing the Cult of the Lamb. By following the sinful path, your followers will delight in gluttonous rituals, vain buildings, and wrathful doctrines. Invite your most loyal Followers to the inner circle of Disciples, a revamped levelling system of Follower progression.

Better Cult Life 

Shiny poop, baneful brooms, and bigger, better buildings improve busy Cult life. Shiny poops have special effects, like yielding fruitful crops and adding XP to your broom. Levelling up your broom will make chores faster and more effective. To improve automation, there’s also a new tier for the Janitor Station and the Storage Structures so your Followers will take better care of themselves.


Blast heretics away with the new Blunderbuss weapon. When loaded, it fires big damage in close quarters to bring a new combat playstyle for your crusades. If you charge it up even more with a heavy attack, you can aim to snipe enemies from long range.

Leshy in a Maid Dress??? 

Each of your cultists can flaunt their Follower fashion at the new Tailor building! Once unlocked, each cultist can wear their own outfit, with 23 different styles to choose from. But your Cult is getting even more unique. When two Followers love each other very much, they might find an egg. Nurture the egg for it to hatch, then care for the offspring until they’re ready to pledge allegiance to your Cult!

When I played this adorable game, I often ran into the issue of always having to prioritize recruiting lambs in every single exploration run. It’s good to know that breeding is now an option so I can focus on cult management and spending more time managing my followers at camp.

Cult of the Lamb is available on all major platforms (Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam). The “Sins of the Flesh” patch drops on January 16th.

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