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Shed a Single Tear with Ashley in Tantalising New Another Code: Recollection Trailer

Screenshot of Another Code: Recollection

A new story trailer for Another Code: Recollection has given expectant fans more insight into protagonist Ashley and the mysteries of Blood Edward Island. Although brief at roughly a minute, the trailer offers plenty of loose threads for Ashley and the viewer to pick at.

Ashley’s tragic past is teased in a brief flashback before we are quickly shown her ocean transit to the ominously named and supposedly abandoned Blood Edward Island. Ashley meets a ghostly blue boy with whom she offers to team up and retrieve his lost memories. We hear Ashley question her mother as to her father‘s true fate. Seemingly stranded when the boat she arrived on sails away, Ashley has no choice but to traverse the island’s depths and seek answers.

Another Code: Recollection was first announced in a September 2023 Nintendo Direct. The game is a remake and repackaging of two games: the DS title Another Code: Two Memories (known as Trace Memory in North America) and its Wii sequel, Another Code: R – A Journey into Lost Memories, the latter making its debut in NA with this release. Originally developed by the cult, now defunct developer Cing, both games follow the protagonist Ashley Mizuki Robbins as she delves into her family history and childhood memories. Players are tasked with collecting information and snippets of memories whilst facing myriad environmental and narrative puzzles to reveal the secrets of Ashley’s past.

For those impatient to find out more about Ashley’s story, Nintendo has released a free demo of the game offering a transferable save option. Those wanting the full uninterrupted experience will need to wait till Another Code: Recollection is released on January 19th, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

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