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Unicorn Overlord – New Character and Gameplay Details

An angelic archer-like class, Featherbow, firing shots from above at enemies in Unicorn Overlord

Vanillaware and Atlus’ Unicorn Overlord is less than two months away, and Atlus has released new details on some of the strategy RPG’s characters and gameplay details, plus info on nine of the 60+ types of classes that will be available. So let’s start with some of the allies and enemies you’ll meet in the land of Fevrith:



Japanese Voice Actor: Reina Ueda

A dark elf augur who resides in Elheim. Aide to her elder sister Eltolinde. She escaped the fall of the capital and is gathering forces for a counterattack.


Japanese Voice Actor: Reina Ueda

Rosalinde’s twin sister and the Turenós of Elheim. Unable to resist Zenoira’s onslaught, she surrendered and chose to lead from within captivity.


Japanese Voice Actor: Tarusuke Shingaki

A swordsman and knight in service of Elheim. He was away on a mission when the capital fell to Zenoira. He has led a guerilla force ever since.



Japanese Voice Actor: Mamiko Noto

A witch loyal to the Zenoiran Army. Formerly the court sorceress of Cornia, she now serves Galerius and appears to be assisting him with some sort of dark scheme.


Japanese Voice Actor: Hiroshi Naka

A wizened wizard who serves Galerius. Versed in all manner of dark spells and curses. His face remains obscured behind his hood, and none have seen the visage beneath.

Unicorn Overlord Classes

Unicorn Overlord will feature over 60 class types. A character’s class will dictate how they engage in battle, plus their available weapons and abilities. We have new details on nine of them, so let’s look at them with a brief description of each.


Arbalists attack from a distance, as you may imagine looking at that big crossbow.


One of Unicorn Overlord’s healing classes, clerics are well-versed in healing and recovery magicks.

Elven Fencer

Elven Fencer seems like one of the more interesting and versatile classes so far. They wield magic-based melee attacks, but also lend support to allies with abilities to create defensive barriers.


I do appreciate a cool archer-like class, and in this article alone, we have two! Well, if crossbows count at all. In any case, the Featherbow is also versatile like the Elven Fencer, with high evasion and both buff and debuff skills. The one drawback is their susceptibility to arrow attacks.


As you may guess looking at this beefy boy, Gladiators are big on physical attacks, and can hit an entire row of enemies at once. What you may not guess is that they also possess a welcome affinity for self-healing.


Housecarls prioritize physical attacks, and have the ability to lower enemies’ physical defense. As a bonus, they can follow-up with an extra attack at the end of battle. And if you’re as confused about the term as me, I’ve got you covered.


Shamans specialize in making life miserable for their enemies. Or at the very least, much more difficult, with their powers to obstruct and reduce their ability to act.


Hold up, is the Werewolf wearing a kilt? What more do we really need to know? Great dresser, nice sword. Oh, but they also excel at finishing weakened enemies and are even more powerful at night.

Wyvern Knight

Finally, we have the Wyvern Knight, who, upon the back of their scaly companions, can inflict heavy damage on enemies. Though their airborne nature leaves them vulnerable to ranged and caster attacks.


Finally, we have some new Unicorn Overlord gameplay and feature updates:

  • Leader Effects grant various benefits to a unit. The character class of the leader will determine what effect a unit has. The example we were given is the Housecarl, who, in leader positions, can use its TM Leader Effect to remove obstacles. No doubt there will be many of these effects to discover!
  • There are multiple types of movement, also determined by a unit leader. For instance, Infantry and Cavalry types move faster on roads, though the latter is slowed down by forests. Flying type can, as you can imagine, fly over terrain that’s otherwise hard to navigate.
  • Nothing says “level up” like class promotions, and Unicorn Overlord has just such a system in place. Again, we got one specific example here, based on one of the lead characters, Alain (Alain, and others, have bios and info on the game’s official website). His starting class is Lord, and he excels at attack and defense, and can heal as well. He is not exceptionally good against cavalry opponents, however. But once promoted to High Lord, Alain gets a cool horse, boosted attacks, an edge over infantry enemies, and can boost the initiative of his allies.
  • Auxiliary Stages are non-story-related battlefields to grind and earn EXP by earning Treatises to build up your party. There will also be other special items that enhance specific abilities.

Even with all these character, class, and gameplay details, I have a hunch we’ll be learning more as Unicorn Overlord‘s release draws near. The game launches on March 8th, 2024 for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. Stay tuned for more in the weeks ahead, and take a gander at more new screenshots below!

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