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Lunar: Silver Star Story Touch Launches on Android January 26th

An in-game screenshot of the logo for Lunar Silver Star Story Touch.

SoMoGa has announced that Lunar: Silver Star Story Touch will launch on Android devices on January 26th via the Google Play and Amazon app stores. It will retail for $11.99 USD with equivalent pricing in other regions. This will act as the first of a multiplatform release, with SoMoGa promising further updates and news at a later date.

Essentially a port of Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete, Lunar: Silver Star Story Touch is expected to be largely identical across Android and iOS. The developer has been tirelessly updating it since its original release in 2012 to improve ease of access and accessibility. Its most recent major update came in December 2022, bringing the port into the modern mobile era.

Players can experience Lunar: Silver Star Story Touch with higher resolution graphics, multiple soundtrack options, optional widescreen formatting, and Bluetooth controller support. For a full list of upgrades, check out its official Apple store page.

Lunar Silver Story Touch iOS Screenshots

Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete was originally released in 1996 for the Sega Saturn in Japan. A PlayStation port followed in 1998, with the United States receiving that version in late 1999. Silver Star Story Complete is a complete version of a classic story following Alex, a young boy placed on the path of manifest destiny by taking on the mantle of Dragonmaster. He embarks on a journey with a wide party of companions to learn about his power and the legacy it embodies.

Interestingly enough, the Lunar series is also core to RPGFan history; the site originated as LunarNET; a fansite celebrating Lunar and other RPG series in the wild frontier of the World Wide Web circa 1997. What a different world!

I believe that Lunar: Silver Star Story Touch is a wonderful piece of history preserved, providing a retro and foundational piece of JRPG history for those seeking to experience it with modern convenience. It warms my heart that foundational JRPGs are slowly being remade, ported, or made easier to access for those seeking to play them, either for nostalgia, curiosity, or edification.

Lunar: Silver Star Story Touch launches for Android on January 26th and is available now for all Apple devices.

Stay tuned to RPGFan for all news on Lunar and RPG!

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