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Until Dawn Remaster Coming to PS5, PC

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A 2015 highlight is in the spotlight again as it announced during Sony’s latest State of Play that the horror adventure game Until Dawn will be “rebuilt and enhanced” for the PlayStation 5 and PC in 2024.

Although this most recent State of Play was a little light on RPG news for some of us, horror game lovers have to be pleased with what they are getting this year. The Silent Hill series was one that many were expecting to hear from, but Until Dawn‘s announcement came as a very nice surprise.

If you missed the game in 2015, here’s an excerpt from former staffer Rob Steinman’s review:

The game works on the principles of the butterfly effect, though, thankfully, not the Ashton Kutcher movie of the same name. Seemingly small decisions can have drastically different effects on the narrative of the game. Perhaps an early moment causes a rift between two friends, which leads to a conflict later in the story. Maybe you choose the safer path to save another person, but that precious time results in their incredibly gory death. Choices compound and build off of each other to create an intriguing web of possibilities and variable outcome. Rest assured, all eight friends can survive until the next morning, but they can all end up dead before help arrives, too.

If you’re thinking, “Hey, this sounds a lot like The Quarry,” then you’d be right. Supermassive Games is the studio behind both that game and Until Dawn, though U.K. developer Ballistic Moon will be handling the remaster. If you liked one then you will surely like the other, especially if playing narrative-driven “movie-like” games is your thing.

If listening to us talk about games is more your thing, Until Dawn is featured on episode 194 of Retro Encounter.

Until Dawn Screenshots

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