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Zenless Zone Zero Confirmed to Be in Development for PS5

A screenshot of Zenless Zone Zero depicting a fox-eared woman unsheathing her sword, the blade covered in an iridescent orange-and-blue refraction, signifying a special attack.

HoYoverse has announced that their upcoming urban-themed action RPG Zenless Zone Zero is in development for the PlayStation 5. The announcement came via the latest Sony State of Play livestream as part of a stylish trailer. Check it out below!

Zenless Zone Zero is the next major gacha game project on deck for the company responsible for Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail. It features the concrete-laden setting of New Eridu, a city acting as the last bastion of humanity amid calamitous events known as the Hollows. Players will take on the role of a Proxy, one who shepherds enterprising people known as Agents through the Hollows.

Throughout those adventures, players will explore the Hollows with a customisable party of three Agents in semi-randomised dungeons to collect resources, renown, and treasure. It features a real-time combat system replete with the stylish candor and combos HoYoverse has become known for in the free-to-play space. Beyond that, players will be able to explore the metropolis of New Eridu, interacting with its inhabitants, forging relationships with its factions, and, funnily, managing a video store. For additional details, check out an extract of a press release provided by HoYoverse below:

Zenless Zone Zero is HoYoverse’s latest urban fantasy ARPG. Alongside a unique art style, dynamic music, and urban life gameplay, the game features thrilling action combat that aims to appeal to both action veterans and newcomers. In the game’s story, contemporary civilization has been destroyed by a supernatural disaster known as “Hollows.” New Eridu, the last urban civilization that survived the apocalypse, manages to thrive by acquiring the technology to extract essential resources out of the Hollows. Players will embark on an adventure as Proxies who cooperate with distinctive Agents and unveil
the unknown mysteries behind New Eridu and the Hollows.

During the latest PlayStation State of Play livestream, Zenless Zone Zero confirmed coming to PS5 through an all-new trailer. The trailer dynamically showcased the characters from Cunning Hares and Belobog Heavy Industries, as well as the newly overhauled urban environment of New Eridu. The viewers were presented with an array of exciting battles between Agents and their enemies in the Hollows before concluding the trailer with Belle — one of the dual protagonists — navigating the Hollow Deep Dive System.

Looking to push the boundaries of game design and action experience, the development team behind Zenless Zone Zero is now empowered by the cutting-edge technology and hardware capabilities of PlayStation®5 to continue crafting an enchanting virtual world. A brand-new immersive experience awaits as Proxies embark on their adventure in New Eridu and engage in thrilling Hollow battles.

Zenless Zone Zero Screenshots

Stylish visuals and eye-catching characters have always been a mainstay with the recent major HoYoverse releases, and I admire them deeply for their continual efforts to create unique worlds to explore. Beyond that, I hope all players will be able to engage with the majority of what Zenless Zone Zero has to offer on launch, irrespective of its monetisation and gacha elements.

For more information on the game, feel free to check out both its official website and a timely post via PlayStation Blog. Zenless Zone Zero is also in development for mobile devices and PC with cross-save enabled between each device. No formal launch date has been announced.

Stay tuned to RPGFan for any news on Zenless Zone Zero and RPG!

Source: Gematsu

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