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Legendary Tales Available Now on PlayStation VR2

Creepy skeletons in Legendary Tales.

Grab your sword, brew a potion, and chug some (virtual) ale with your friends. Sounds like a good Friday night. Now, PlayStation 5 gamers can partake in their own VR fantasy adventures with Legendary Tales. Previously available only on PC, the dungeon crawler action RPG is now available for PS VR 2.

Here is the announcement trailer Sony dropped during the recent State of Play:

Set out on epic quests with your friends in a physics-heavy fun time! However, if you play with friends, PlayStation Plus is required. Also, the PlayStation VR2 is required to play.

Learn more about the game from Sony’s description:

Legendary Tales is a next generation ARPG for PSVR, a dungeon crawling adventure where you and a group of friends can travel together into the dungeon and defeat monsters, collect loot and explore the mysteries of the corrupted land. Legendary Tales offers;

  • Physics based fighting system. A fun and responsive fighting style that will change depending on your weapon and your own fighting style.
  • Random number generated items give you the opportunity to collect and try out an almost limitless number of weapons.
  • A crafting system that will expand your weapons list even further! -If you’re not interested in weapons you can get invested in the Legendary Tales magic system and blast enemies with heat, ice and darkness.
  • You can play Legendary Tales alone or with friends! Co-op multiplayer lets you go into the dungeon with up to 4 players.
  • An Attribute system and skill tree provide a whole set of skills and abilities to work your way through and build a character that reflects your play style.
  • Built from the ground up for VR to ensure a smooth play experience, Legendary Tales is a VR exclusive title.

Legendary Tales is also available now on PC via Steam. Stay tuned to RPGFan for everything RPG!

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