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Tokyo Psychodemic Starts the Investigation on May 30th

Tokyo Psychodemic Artwork

Tokyo Psychodemic hits a little bit too close to home with its premise of an unknown virus causing a lockdown in Tokyo in 2019, but that only scratches the surface of this visual novel investigation sim. Mixing live-action and 2D visuals, the game focuses on solving unsolved cases in a post-pandemic world. Developer Gravity Game Arise revealed in a new gameplay trailer that Tokyo Psychodemic launches on May 30th.

Check out how you investigate unsolved murder cases in the new gameplay trailer below:

About Tokyo Psychodemic

Here’s Tokyo Psychodemic‘s Steam page synopsis.

5% of murder cases in the world go unsolved.
Re-verify those unsolved cases.
Cooperate with colleagues who have specialized skills such as obtaining physical evidence, and solve cases by using analytical tools and your own investigation skills.

View of the world

The world has changed.

In December 2019, a new type of infectious disease caused by an unknown virus that occurred in Tokyo quickly spread throughout the country, showing a fatality rate of 40% which turned out to become higher than the Ebola hemorrhagic fever.

Traveling to and from overseas was restricted, and the main road leading to Tokyo, where there were many infected people, was blocked.

In other words, the capital city has been on lock down.

Without an effective treatment, the infection spread from the general public to medical workers, police officers, self-defense force, and eventually reached to the core of the nation.

Major government officials such as the former Prime Minister, the Chief Cabinet Secretary, and the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare were infected one after another and died.

By that time, the death toll in the country exceeded 200,000.

During the state of high alert, a new government was hastily established. A former infectious disease specialist who discovered a cure for the new infectious disease and saved many lives of severely ill patients was selected as the new prime minister.

The new prime minister has come up with measures against the new infectious disease and economic measures one after another, all of which have produced positive results.

The number of infected people has visibly decreased.

Eventually, the raging new infectious disease came to an end.

About the game

Based on information of unsolved cases that arrive at the detective agency, you will investigate the various circumstances that may be involved, such as the victim’s personal information, activity history from security cameras, etc.

Collect and confirm the information on the evidence board and seek out to the truth.

About the investigation

The investigation of a crime will be based on images of evidence from crime scenes, surveillance cameras, etc. Confirm the items, people, and points of interest involved in the case.

Especially from security cameras, it is possible to confirm the behavior of the victims and others.
From the moment of the incident, including before and after, every piece of information will allow you to infer the reason why an incident occurred.

Use the evidence board to deduce how the evidence gathered relates to the case.

Tokyo Psychodemic Screenshots

Tokyo Psychodemic will launch for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. If you want to try out the investigation sim early, a demo is available on PS4/5 and on Steam.

Stay tuned to RPGFan as we grow closer to Tokyo Psychodemic‘s release date!

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