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Monster Hunter Stories to Unleash This Summer

Monster Hunter Stories artwork

The latest Nintendo Direct had lots of nuggets for RPG fans, including news of a remaster of Monster Hunter Stories, a 2016 Nintendo 3DS title.

The arrival of the turn-based role-playing adventure on the Switch and PC makes sense considering the sequel, Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, debuted there in 2021. The PlayStation 4 arrival, however, is unique to this remake. Could this be foreshadowing an MHS2 port? Time will tell, but for now.

Check out the trailer below for more Monster Hunter Stories:

Embark on a journey into a colorful world where mighty monsters roam and people make a living by hunting them. Nestled within this land lies a hidden village where the locals follow a different set of customs. Here, Monster Riders form bonds with Monsties instead of hunting them. Unlike Hunters, Riders forge bonds and harness the power of kinships stones, allowing them to explore the vast and exhilarating realm together. Fight together in thrilling battles, hatch Monstie eggs, and customize your companion to suit your style.

Ready your gear and prepare for an epic ride, Monster Hunter Stories will also be getting new features and enhancements in this release:

  • Refined Graphics: Originally released on the Nintendo 3DS™, players can now experience riding Monsties in stunning detail on larger screens, enhanced with improved modeling, textures, and lighting in high definition.
  • Now Fully Voiced: Immerse yourself in the adventure with full Japanese and English voiceovers.
  • Additional Language Support: Monster Hunter Stories will have additional language support, newly featuring Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Korean, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, and Arabic.
  • Museum mode: Delve deeper into the world of Monster Hunter Stories through the newly added Museum mode, featuring the game’s background music and developer sketches.

Have a 3DS and are curious about the original? We have our 2017 review right here. Doing the same thing as this writer and immediately adding MHS2 to your wishlist? Way ahead of you with our 2021 Switch review here.

Monster Hunter Stories is set to be available for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam sometime this summer.

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