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Pentiment Emerges for Switch, PlayStation on March 22nd

Pentiment Screenshot

Somewhat aptly buried near the end of the latest Nintendo Direct was the announcement of Pentiment coming to Nintendo Switch (and PlayStation, we learned later).

The news that developer Obsidian’s latest was going to be exploring other canvases had been floating around internet circles leading up to today’s Direct and was confirmed along with a few former Xbox exclusives. If you missed the game due to its previous exclusivity, we have the launch trailer from last year below:

A historical mystery role-playing game that focuses on character development, heavily stylized art, and choice-driven storytelling in early 16th century Germany. The main character is a clever illustrator caught up a series of murders at Kiersau Abbey over twenty five years. This character alone possesses the wits and will to expose the killers, but each decision he makes has lasting consequences and inexorably draws him closer to the center of an underlying conspiracy.

Need more Pentiment? Jerry Williams has you covered in his 2022 review. Fan of Obsidian? We know Aleks Franiczek is. Hear his medium-spicy take on Obsidian’s placement among western RPG developers during Retro Encounter’s unpopular opinions episode.

Pentiment launches digitally on February 22nd for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Switch. Pre-orders for physical copies are available for a limited time through Limited Run Games for Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch until March 22nd.

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Kyle Cantelon

Kyle Cantelon

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