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Monster Hunter Stories Collection to Release June 14th

Monster Hunter Stories Collection: Monster Hunter Stories and Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

Hey, Riders!

On its 20th anniversary, Monster Hunter fans are delighted with new announcements from the second day of Capcom Highlights. The company revealed that Monster Hunter Stories (2024), a remaster of the Nintendo 3DS original, will release on June 14th for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam.

Additionally, 2021’s Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is also slated to launch for PS4 on the same day. Check out the trailers and details below for both turn-based RPGs headed to more platforms.

Monster Hunter Stories (2024) 

The remaster of Monster Hunter Stories will bring full English and Japanese voiceovers, new subtitle languages, a museum mode boasting 200 pieces of concept art and background music, and more. Meanwhile, the visuals will receive HD modeling and texture upgrades. Our 2017 3DS review highlights its fun gameplay as it deviates from the franchise’s standard hunting formula.

Key Features

  • Refined Graphics: Originally released on the Nintendo 3DS, players can now experience riding Monsties in stunning detail on larger screens, enhanced with improved modeling, textures, and lighting in high definition.
  • Now Fully Voiced: Immerse yourself in the adventure with full Japanese and English voiceovers.
  • Additional Language Support: Monster Hunter Stories will have additional language support, newly featuring Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Korean, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, and Arabic.
  • Museum mode: Delve deeper into the world of Monster Hunter Stories through the newly added Museum mode, featuring the game’s background music and developer sketches.
  • Included Title Updates (TU): Previously only available in Japan, players can now enjoy title updates, unlocking content from TU 1.20 and TU 1.30.


Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin debuted for the Switch and PC in 2021. The plot takes place in the same setting and after the events of MH Stories. It’s meant to be a stand-alone title, so players may easily jump to this if they prefer. Our Switch review highly recommends it to RPG players who are also into monster-collecting.


Set in the expansive and dynamic world of Monster Hunter, players follow the footsteps of their grandfather Red, a legendary Rider, and ride Monsties with Ena, a Wyverian girl who has been entrusted with an egg with the potential to hatch into a Rathalos. This legendary monster holds immense power capable of wreaking havoc if its destructive abilities are unleashed. It’s up to players to test the bonds of friendship with Monsties and discover the hidden truths behind ancient legends.


Pre-order Details

Pre-ordering will grant bonuses for each title: Navirou’s King and Queen outfit for Monster Hunter Stories and Ena’s Kamura Maiden outfit for Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin. You can purchase the two games separately or buy them as a bundle. For prices and inclusions, visit the official website.

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Just got MHS2 on Switch. If I had just waited a little longer I could have gotten both on ps5. Smh justbmore of my bad luck.

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