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Falcom Teases ‘Tokyo Xanadu New Project’

Tokyo Xanadu New Project Artwork Title

Nihon Falcom has teased a follow-up to 2017’s Tokyo Xanadu, known for now as Tokyo Xanadu New Project. Falcom has given very little detail except to say the game will be a “new title” taking place in Kyoto rather than its predecessor’s Tokyo. Falcom did, however, couple this announcement with a short, cryptic trailer (below), featuring a still of what we can ostensibly interpret as a main protagonist.

Tokyo Xanadu New Project Description

It has been 10 years since the release of Falcom’s first modern-day action RPG Tokyo Xanadu

Set in Japanese city of Kyoto, this new game depicts the story of juveniles who travel around the otherworldly realm known as “Xanadu.”

While it shares the same world as Tokyo Xanadu, which is set in the Japanese city of Tokyo, the setting is all-new. It is currently in development as a “completely new title” with all game systems built from the ground up, so please look forward to it!

What’s Tokyo Xanadu?

Originally developed by Falcom and published by Aksys Games for the Sony PlayStation Vita, Tokyo Xanadu received mixed reviews, including from former RPGFan reviewer Rob Rogan. He called the game “painfully average” with “boring and cliché characters” and a “weak […] slow-moving plot”, although he found some joy in its combat and soundtrack. The game was soon followed by a questionably enhanced port for the PS4 titled Tokyo Xanadu eX+, which may be better off forgotten.

With no set date or expected console(s), we can only be cautiously optimistic that Falcom will put forward a more refined and unique experience with Tokyo Xanadu New Project, akin to how Octopath Traveler II significantly advanced the reputation and esteem of its series. However it may turn out, RPGFan will be keeping a close eye on further announcements, so stay tuned!

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