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New Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Update Improves Performance Mode

A screenshot of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth depicting Reno pointing at the character, wearing a stylish suit with his spiky red hair framed by bulky goggles.

Square Enix has released the version 1.020 update for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, focusing on bringing concrete improvements to its frame rate and performance. It also fixes bugs and rebalances several aspects of its combat and various minigames.

Notably, players can choose between a “Soft” or “Sharp” display when running Performance Mode, which prioritises a fluid 60 fps at a lower visual resolution. Either option presumably brings visual improvements based on player preference, uplifting it from its original state at launch. If you’re curious about what the update affects, take a gander at the patch notes below:

  • Fixes to missing or incorrect characters in some parts of the game text.
  • Fixes to player character bugs that occur in field areas under certain conditions.
  • Fixes to Red XIII’s abilities “Supernal Fervor” and “Watcher’s Spirit” in battle, as these were easily cancelled.
  • Fixes to bugs occurring in battle under specific conditions that would cause enemies to freeze.
  • Fixes to bugs triggered by specific conditions that affect progress through quests.
  • Improvements to the frame rate and overall game stability.
  • Addition of a “sharp” or “soft” option for graphical output in Performance Mode.
  • Improvements to graphical quality.
  • Reflected reverse camera controls while controlling a gliding sky chocobo.
  • Reflected reverse camera controls in the sharpshooting minigame.
  • Emphasized the path along the climbable vines in the Mythril Mine.
  • Added a difficulty selection to the customization screen of the minigames Fort Condor and Gears and Gambits.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Screenshots

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the middle chapter of a trilogy of games designed to reimagine, recontextualise, and reunite the original 1997 release of Final Fantasy VII with its wider media universe across prequel games, mobile games, movies, and more.

With Square Enix bringing a host of improvements, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is affirmed as one of the premier RPGs of what is shaping up to be a banger year for the genre. If you’re curious about what RPGFan thinks of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, feel free to check out our review penned by Zach Wilkerson. He came away positive about his experience, specifically highlighting its scope, stating it “…felt like a world of endless possibilities and provided a playground full of minigames, exploration, and discovery.”

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is available now for PlayStation 5. Stay tuned to RPGFan for all news on Final Fantasy and RPG!

Source: Gematsu

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