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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Official Soundtrack Coming April 10th, Available To Pre-Order

A screenshot of Aerith singing in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. She wears a white dress, with her hands outstretched.

Square Enix has announced that the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Original Soundtrack will be released digitally and physically on April 10th. The set will feature 175 tracks.

The physical edition of the OST is split between two separate versions: the standard seven-disc edition and a limited-run ~ Special edit version ~ that will contain a bonus eighth disc consisting of minigame music.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Original Soundtrack

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth OST

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Original Soundtrack ~ Special edit version ~

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth OST Special Edit

Square Enix has released a five-track preview album of the soundtrack on major streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. Additionally, the game’s theme song “No Promises To Keep”, sung by vocalist Loren Allred, is also available for players to stream. If you’re curious about the preview tracklist, check it out below:

  1. Toward Mt. Nibel
  2. Main Theme of FFVII – Battle Edit
  3. With Heavy Heart – A Seabreeze Stroll
  4. Rufus’s Welcoming Ceremony – Seventh, Ten-Hut!
  5. Listen to the Cries of the Planet – Battle Edit

The Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Original Soundtrack was composed by Mitsuto Suzuki and Masashi Hamauzu of MONOMUSIK Inc. Square Enix has released official comments from both musicians about what composing the soundtrack meant to them, anchored in the hope that players enjoy listening to it. Check out the sentiments in full below:

“One of the most thrilling parts of composing for FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH was aligning the music to the backstory, direction and story progression of a moment, establishing a sonic foundation on which the entire development team could build an unforgettable scene. There are sections that dig deeper into music from the original game, and sections that were newly crafted for this title. I hope players will find delight in the musical elements and discoveries to be made.”
– Mitsuto Suzuki, Composer
“Our whole team spent a lot of time and effort on every song in the game, tapping into everything we’ve learned as composers and musicians in our careers. I hope players enjoy the result as much as we enjoyed crafting it.” – Masashi Hamauzu, Composer (MONOMUSIK Inc.)

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Screenshots

Players can pre-order the physical standard version and limited-run version of the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Official Soundtrack via the official Square Enix Store. The digital editions will be released on major music platforms such as Apple Music and Amazon Music. For those curious about the full tracklist, players can check out the official Japanese portal site, which lists a majority of the songs.

For those curious about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, feel free to check out our review, penned by Zach Wilkerson!

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is available for PlayStation 5. Players can try out the game via a two-part demo available via the PlayStation Store.

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