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Surreal RPG Maker Game Felvidek Is Available Now

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RPG Maker is a robust game creation software that allows developers to create whatever game they desire. Case in point: Felvidek, a turn-based RPG that came out in late March. It features beautiful hand-painted aesthetics in an alternate 15th-century region called the Slovakian Highlands. Players take on the role of Pavol, a drunken knight, in a surreal adventure in either English or Slovak (a Japanese localization is in the works).

Check out the surreal visuals of Felvidek in the trailer below:

The game, made by solo developer Jozef Pavelka, clocks in at two to three hours, but it is packed with a variety of areas to explore and characters to chat up. Exploration is viewed from a top-down perspective, while fights get close and personal with first-person turn-based combat you’d see in a dungeon crawler. For more details, read the full description below from Felvidek‘s Steam page:

Find out what unlikely events take place in this alternate history region of Slovak Highlands. This land is ravaged by Hussite pillagers and Ottoman spies while surreal horrors dwell in the dark. It’s now up to Pavol, a fair knight with alcohol problems, to gather a party and stop those who oppose our kingdom.


  • Traverse the hand-painted world to explore castles, settlements, dungeons. Unveil secret doors and hidden passageways.
  • Progress the story by meeting interesting characters, whether it be Catholics, Hussites or even more sinister folk.
  • Fight your way through different enemies in turn-based RPG combat. Gather gear and supplies for your character.
  • Completed in 2-3 hours.

Felvidek Screenshots

Felvidek is available now for PC via Steam. Stay tuned to RPGFan for anything and everything RPG!

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