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Cat Quest III Sets Sail for the High Seas on August 8th

Cats, rats, and octopi as pirates in Cat Quest III

The purrfect feline RPG series is back for another entry, this time on the high seas! During the recent Nintendo Indie World Showcase, The Gentlebros revealed that Cat Quest III (revealed last May as “Cat Quest: Pirates of the Purribean“) is sailing to consoles and Steam on none other than International Cat Day, August 8th. You can get your sea legs early with a demo, available now exclusively on the Nintendo Switch eShop!

Travel the Purribean seas and watch out for the Pi-rats in the release date trailer below:

The latest cat-tastic adventure is another action RPG romp with the choice to bring in a friend for local multiplayer. Learn more directly from the developer, The Gentlebros:

The vast open seas of the Purribean are both bountiful and dangerous for any would-be pirates. Explore
unique picturesque islands and meet a bevy of meow-sterious characters as you set sail in pursuit of the
legendary North Star. Pounce on the opportunity to explore dark caverns and mysterious dungeons as
you search for clues or sail on your own purr-fect ship complete with full sails and explosive cannons with a bounty of different ammunition types. Don’t panic when you encounter a horde of nasty Pi-rats, me hearties – play with another buccaneer in local co-op and turn the tables on these would-be plunderers intent on taking your booty for their own. Curious cats can test their sea legs and download the Cat Quest III playable demo now on Nintendo Switch. Featuring the game’s opening areas, take your first steps onto tropical islands and meet some of the cast of colorful characters that await you in the full game. Pass a Joy-Con Controller to a friend and enjoy seamless local co-op and begin your epic adventure together.

Cat Quest III will launch for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC via Steam. Each entry in the feline series has been a short and sweet experience, as you can tell from our review of Cat Quest from Caitlin Argyros and the review for Cat Quest II from Jerry Williams. Stay tuned to RPGFan for more RPGs featuring cats!

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