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Digital Pre-Orders Live for Monster Hunter Stories 1+2; Anime Free to Watch Til 2025

Monster Hunter Stories Collection: Monster Hunter Stories and Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

Pre-orders have started for Capcom’s Monster Hunter Stories on the PlayStation Store, the Nintendo eShop, and PC via Steam. PS players can reserve it in a double pack with Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin today.

Unfortunately, those on Switch and Steam must wait until release (June 14th) to grab the bundle. Don’t fret; Capcom says exclusive perks await players who purchase the double pack on either platform before August 31st.

Judging by the PS Store listing, there are actually two bundles to choose from—a $59.99 USD “standard” package with the two games and costumes for companions Navirou and Ena, and a $69.99 deluxe set that adds a “deluxe kit.”

As you might expect, there are goodies to be had if you pre-order. Here’s an overview.

Monster Hunter Stories Pre-Order Rewards

  • Pre-order bonus – King and Queen outfits for Navirou (Note: these items are purely cosmetic and are styled after Rathalos and Rathian)
  • Saved Data Linkage Benefits – Players can receive the Navirou & Rider of Mahana Village outfit by linking their save data from Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin Pre-Order Rewards

  • Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin Deluxe Edition includes the main game and a deluxe kit with various downloadable content.
  • Pre-order Bonus – Players who reserve their copies will receive Ena’s “Kamura Maiden” outfit.
  • PlayStation Save Data Linkage bonus – Hunters who have save data from Monster Hunter Rise for PS5/PS4 will obtain the rider-layered armor “Kamura Garb.”
  • *Players will need to install and launch the PS4 version of Monster Hunter Rise; and create save data to receive the bonus.
  • PlayStation Save Data Linkage Bonus – With save data from Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin for PS4, players can unlock the Rider layered armor in Monster Hunter Rise for PS5/PS4 and the Navirou layered armor in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

The Monster Hunter Stories 2 pre-order rewards should only apply to the PS4 release, since the game’s been available for Switch and Steam since 2021.

Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On Free on YouTube

Capcom is uploading the first two episodes of the Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On anime to the Monster Hunter YouTube channel to coincide with the upcoming release of the Stories games. Expect them to air today (April 25th) starting at 12:00 PM PT/3:00 PM ET. You’d better watch it by March next year, though, since Capcom’s only keeping it up until then. Capgod giveth and Capgod taketh away.

Episode 1 – The Power of Bonds

Episode 2 – A Monstie is Born!

If you didn’t already know, the Stories games are turn-based RPGs spun off from the popular Monster Hunter series of action titles. Monster Hunter Stories is simple, cartoony, and more than a little cute, making it a potential gateway for new fans. Consult our reviews of the first and second games to learn more, and stay tuned to RPGFan for more updates as they come!

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