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Dungeons of Hinterberg to Launch July 18th for Xbox, PC

A screenshot of Dungeons of Hinterberg where protagonist Luisa is overlooking a grassy field, a red ski lift ferrying people up and down in the background.

During the latest ID@Xbox Showcase, Curve Games and developer Microbird have announced that social-sim RPG Dungeons of Hinterberg will launch on July 18th for Xbox Series X|S and PC via Steam. It will also be available on Xbox Game Pass upon its release. Check out the announcement trailer below, which shows off the fantastical adventures players can take in the cel-shaded alpine slopes!

Dungeons of Hinterberg Announcement Trailer

Microbird has also opened up sign-ups for an official playtest of Dungeons of Hinterberg. Those selected will be able to try the game from May 9th to 16th. Microbird has shared that the first two in-game days, featuring a mixture of exploration and dungeon crawling, will be playable. If you’re interested, you can sign up via the official Steam page.

Dungeons of Hinterberg takes place in the namesake alpine village, where players assume the role of Luisa, a burnt-out law trainee. Set out on spelunking myriad dungeons to decompress from her corporate career, players will guide Luisa through friendships, foes, and frost in action combat.

Dungeons of Hinterberg Synopsis

Explore the Alps

Snowboard down a glacier, zipline through the forest, climb a mountain, or have a coffee by the lake… There’s no shortage of places to discover while you’re out looking for your next dungeon!

Slay in style

Monsters lurk around every corner in Hinterberg, and your sword and magic skills are essential for keeping them at bay. Harness the wind, conjure a snowboard out of thin air, or freeze your enemies in a jelly block!

Solve your way out

Braving a dungeon requires more than just cutting-edge sports gear and a good sword arm. Hinterberg’s dungeons are full of puzzles that will surprise and challenge you. Use your head, your magic skills, and every trick in the book to solve them!

Meet the locals

Spend your nights forging friendships with the locals and adventurers! Some of them will teach you new tricks, others are just here for selfies… But good relationships don’t just make your stay more memorable, they’re key to becoming a better slayer!

Dungeons of Hinterberg Screenshots

I’m interested in how Dungeons of Hinterberg seems intent on melding the feeling of mountainous obstacles against the coziness of rest. To see perspectives beyond our own is a hallmark of the genre and it looks like Dungeons of Hinterberg is set to do just that come its release on July 18th.

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