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New Lost Records: Bloom & Rage Trailer Is Steeped in 90s Vibes

Lost Records: Bloom & Rage Artwork

At the latest ID@Xbox Showcase, Life is Strange developer DON’T NOD released a new “Lo-fi Summer” trailer (below) for Lost Records: Bloom & RageThe narrative adventure game is expected to launch in late 2024 for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam.

Since it was first revealed at the 2023 Game Awards, I’ve had my eye on Lost Records: Bloom & Rage for its intriguing storyline, which seems to play out in two timelines. Anyone else catch the Twin Peaks vibes in the trailer?

In contrast with the LiS games, which focus entirely on younger/teenage characters, Lost Records: Bloom & Rage jumps 27 years to explore characters in their adult years. Players are tasked with navigating and shaping the events of the past and present timelines.

Lost Records: Bloom & Rage Overview

Rewind back to 1995 in Lost Records: Bloom & Rage, a brand-new narrative adventure from the creative minds behind the critically acclaimed series, Life is Strange.  

Film your last summer in Velvet Cove playing as Swann, a quirky introvert who loves capturing reality through the lens of her trusty camcorder. Get to know Nora, the rebellious firecracker; Autumn, the thoughtful leader; and Kat, enigmatic and strong-willed.  

From making music videos in Nora’s garage to sharing secrets under the stars… to discovering dark places shrouded in mystery – it’s gonna be a summer packed with unforgettable moments for this newfound sisterhood. 

As summer comes to an end, so does their friendship. A downward spiral culminates in an unexplained event that makes them promise to never see each other again. Now, twenty-seven years later, fate reunites them to confront the long-buried secret that they left behind in 1995.

The girls’ promise, made all those years ago, forever altered the course of their lives. The reason behind this promise is in your hands as you make choices both in the past and the present. Shape the narrative of both timelines, in 1995 and in 2022.

What really happened that summer? 


Lost Records: Bloom & Rage will be released in late 2024 for PS5, XSX, and PC via Steam. Stay tuned here at RPGFan for more RPG announcements from the ID@Xbox Showcase!

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