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Times & Galaxy Set for Takeoff This June

Screenshot of Times & Galaxy, one of several RPGs coming this week

Developer Copychase Games and publisher Fellow Traveller have announced a June release for point-and-click adventure game Times & Galaxy, which is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store. If you’re like some of us at RPGFan, you might find yourself thinking, “Wow! It’s a point-and-click game AND it’s about space journalism? What a niche!”

We’ve got details via a new trailer below.

Times & Galaxy Overview

Times & Galaxy is a funny, heartfelt game about space aliens and the richness of the stories that make up their everyday lives. Set in a solar system full of space lizards (Augers), goo people (Xeel), robots (Robos) and other assorted species – including regular, albeit often flamboyant humans – you will step into the shoes of a shiny new Robo intern for the system’s most trusted holopaper, the Times & Galaxy. Your goal? Prove that Robos CAN report, get to know a whole bunch of aliens, and maybe keep your job at the end of it all. Good luck, intern!

  • Embark on assignments across the galaxy and get to the bottom of important hyper-local stories such as the Humania Dirt Fair or a Space Ghost Funeral!
  • Meet a colorful and occasionally tentacled cast of over 100 alien weirdos. Build (or break!) relationships with your fellow reporters and shipmates. Maybe even find love, or whatever it’s called on your planet.
  • Experience a story of more than 200,000 words, where the choices you make on and off the record will impact both the direction of the holopaper and how your colleagues feel about you.
  • In-between assignments, explore the Scanner, a huge starship/newsroom converted from a decommissioned warship that operates as you home and the Times & Galaxy office. Talk about work/life balance!
  • Times & Galaxy’s unique build-a-story mechanic lets you do it your way. Impress your colleagues AND the readership with well researched and fastidiously constructed news stories. Or, just put out any old sensational tripe.


Times & Galaxy is coming this June to PS5, XSX, XB1, Switch, and PC. Stay tuned for a firm release date!

Source: Gematsu

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