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Realm of Ink Spills Into Early Access May 17th

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Developers Leap Studio and Maple Leaf Studio are ready to spill some ink early! The studios have announced that Realm of Ink is hitting Early Access for PC via Steam on May 17th. This initial version will give players plenty of content to chew on before the full release later this year. It’s also expected to come out for consoles, though the devs have yet to specify which ones.

First, let’s check out the new boss fight trailer featuring Animitta Asura:

Realm of Ink will continue to grow during the Early Access version, but there will also be plenty to do on day one. Roughly 30% of the story will be available along with four-act levels and eight bosses. Red Swordsman is the first of several planned playable characters, and she is equipped with three weapons and 20 “Ink Gem” skills over four tiers. There are also 15 “Ink Pets”—with over 40 forms—to assist you in battle. If you run out of story, you can whittle away your time and keep your reflexes sharp until the next update with the Endless mode! All of this and more will be added to the game as development continues.

A demo for Realm of Ink is available right now on Steam. Here is the description from the store page:

From ink and brush, life springs anew,
In death’s embrace, souls remain still.

Endless cycles, ceaseless rebirth

Begin your journey as the swordsman Red, gradually unlocking additional characters as you progress. Utilizing the Fox’s immortal power, traverse treacherous ‘Story Relics,’ confront four bosses with unique backgrounds, and escape from the ever-changing realm of ink.

Surmounting various challenges and obstacles, you will redefine your ‘destiny’ through the constant cycle of rebirth, wielding your sword with resilience.

Fierce battles with infinite creativity

Embark on thrilling battles and explore diverse combinations to craft your unique combat style.
Choose from 3 playable characters: Unparalleled Swordswoman Red, Nightmare Hunter Wang Ding, and Fox Judge Ning Ye.

Equip yourself with 9 powerful weapons, including Scarlet Sword, Shadow Twin Blades, and Azure Aura Blade.

Enhance your abilities with over 20 distinctive Ink Gems like Tiger Ink, Venom Ink, Curse Ink, Burning Ink, Kylin Ink, and Dragon Ink.

Discover a vast array of over 120 Artifacts, such as the Shadow Kite, Octagram Dart, Lock Charms, Dreadful Bell, Lamp of Seven Stars, and Doom Gauge.

The special NPCs, Trial Valley and “Endless Challenge” room are waiting for you to test your limit.

Fighting alongside intimate Ink Pets

Adorable Ink Pets will serve as loyal companions, fighting alongside you. Depending on various Ink Gem combination, they can undergo a transformation and evolve into 15 plus distinct forms, applying unique moves to assist in combat.

Exploring diverse lives in an ink world

From the verdant Buddhist forests, the frigid enchanted Monkey Kingdom, the gentle yet terrifying waterland to the ancient and reverent ruins of Mausoleum, the four major levels each have a guardian, and their mysterious pasts await your exploration. Wielding a sword, ventured alone through the dim world and overcome formidable foes.

Explore and conquer over 20 creatures with distinctive Chinese characteristics, including Fox Demon, Peony Fariy, and Mirror Sprite. Each of them comes with a unique backstory. By continuously enhancing mutual affection, unlock more intimate dialogues, and deepen the understanding of each other.

Realm of Ink Screenshots

Realm of Ink hits Steam Early Access on May 17th. Though it has neither a final release date nor confirmed console platforms, this roguelite action RPG is set for a full launch later this year.

Stay tuned to RPGFan as we learn more!

Source: Gematsu

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