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Charming RPG WitchSpring R to Launch on Consoles This August

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Developer KiwiWalks has announced that, a year after its PC release, WitchSpring R will hit PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on August 29th. If the Atelier series is something you’re into, keep an eye out for physical pre-orders soon from your local retailer of choice. PS5 owners can also now wishlist this indie title.

In WitchSpring R, players will take control of Pieberry, a charming witch who has left the woods to go on a journey to explore the world and hone her magical skills. To find out more about what this game has to offer, preview the overview and features below.

WitchSpring R Overview

The story of a witch who is chased after by warriors.

WitchSpring R is a story-based RPG that combines elements of training, collecting, and exploring.

Outside, you can enjoy collecting magical ingredients, fighting against warriors and monsters, and developing stories with various characters.

At home, you can enjoy training your own witch by scheduling training, and fusing magic ingredients that can be collected from the field.

The witch’s ending is enriched by the player’s choice and the witch’s growth.

Key Features

  • “Train” the witch to survive.
    • Running, meditation, swimming… train your witch through various training.
    • By fusing the collected magic ingredients, you can create tools to increase the witch’s stats.
    • Add nourishments to your weapons for achieving advancement in your ideal areas, and create your own battling style.
  • “Collect” a variety of magic, tools, and pets.
    • Create items by fusing magic ingredients that can be collected from all over the forest.
    • Utilize different magic properties to engage in strategic battles.
    • Tame the monsters and make them your pets, so you can get help in the field and battle.
  • Enjoy a story-based “Adventure.”
    • Progress the story and train Pieberry while exploring the field.
    • A friend? An enemy? Or…? Discover hidden stories through the interactions with the field’s characters.
    • Sometimes you can even disguise yourself as a human and invade the village.


WitchSpring R launches for PS5, XB1, and Switch on August 29th. Along with text in English, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese, it will offer audio in Japanese and Korean. Peep at our PC review, in which our own Des Miller expressed how this indie gem captured his heart from start to finish.

Source: Gematsu

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