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Welsh Myth-Inspired The Land Beneath Us Launches May 13th

Artwork of The Land Beneath Us

The Land Beneath Us developer FairPlay Studios and publisher Dear Villagers have shared a May 13th release date and new gameplay video (below) for PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam. Taking inspiration from Welsh myth, The Land Beneath Us sends players to the depths of Annwn, the underworld of British folklore, to explore and collect souls through combo-fueled roguelike battles.

The Land Beneath Us Overview

The Land Beneath Us is a turn-based roguelite action dungeon crawler. Use powerful skill combos and stylish weaponry to battle your way through the Underworld known as Annwn. Enjoy challenging dynamic encounters and discover the mysteries of this mythological world.

Key Features

  • Battle Through the Underworld – Forged by The Creator, the Ultimate Soul Harvester (U.S.H) is crafted to gather Souls. Now armed with Soul-Technology, its mission is one of redemption. Explore The Underworld, engage, barter, or confront characters. Learn from their tales to shape your unique path.
  • Master the Combos – Overcome enemies with powerful abilities, executing customizable movement combinations. Plan strategically through short, action-packed levels to maximize hits on creatures!
  • Varied Arsenal – Strategize and wield a diverse array of weapons, from Blood Axes to Longinus Spears and Lazer Pistols. Equip different weapons in each slot for a dynamic hack ‘n’ slash journey through the Underworld.
  • Replayability Factor – Enhance stats and abilities by collecting souls from defeated enemies as you explore each world. Enjoy direct combat? Boost your Weapon skill tree. Prefer a strategic approach? Unlock potent Combo Abilities to hit enemies from a distance.

The game looks great and appears to have some real mechanical complexity. With Hades II in the gamer conscious right now, The Land Beneath Us just might garner some attention with its alternative underworld traipsing experience. For those wanting to get an early taste, there is a demo available now on Steam.

Source: Gematsu

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