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Designated Demigod Announced for PC

Designated Demigod Screenshot

Publisher Armor Games Studios and developer AN Productions have announced a turn-based combo RPG named Designated Demigod. While there was no release date announced, Designated Demigod will be available for PC via Steam. The reveal trailer, as well as details about the game from its Steam page, are below:

Designated Demigod Overview

A New Kind of Combo RPG

Designated Demigod lets you create over-the-top combos in a calculated, turn-based fashion. Positioning is key: line up your power attack and your target will damage other enemies along its journey into the wall. Launch your target to the skies, juggle them, then spike them hard to enough to bury them. No problem; call in your dog to dig them back up and continue the combo OR, sacrifice your own HP to push your limit and head straight into the next target. Cap it off with a full-screen finisher to shred all affected enemies. And that’s just one possible sequence- Most moves combo into each other with the right timing, so get creative!

A World Held Captive

The Mountain Research Center has closed down regional travel for safety concerns, but some have their doubts. Journey through lush forests, forgotten tunnels, a magical island, and even the research center itself as you uncover the dark chain of events that have set everything into motion.

A Conflict Amongst Gods

A volcanic explosion masks a much more sinister problem: The reawakening of a Mountain God with an axe to grind. Join forces with other fallen gods and washed-up warriors as you take on the burden of being the only one who can face an indestructible foe.

Designated Demigod Screenshots

Designated Demigod will launch for PC via Steam. Stay tuned to RPGFan for more details as they come!

Source: Gematsu

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